The Spread of Islam

  • Period: Jan 1, 632 to Dec 31, 1517

    The Spread of Islam

    632 AD = Mohammeds Death
  • Sep 2, 632

    Mohammeds Death

  • Period: Sep 2, 632 to Sep 2, 661

    The Rightly quided Caliphs

    The first four caliphs - three rae murdered
  • Sep 2, 661

    Governor of Syria seized power

    The government of Syria seized power and moved the capital of the Muslim world from Mecca to Damascus.
  • Sep 2, 670

    Occupying Tunisia

    By 670 the Arabs had occupied Tunisia
  • Sep 2, 676

    Reached Samarkand

    Striking East, they had reached Samarkland by 676
  • Sep 2, 707


    The islamic religion had spread to the borders of India
  • Sep 2, 711

    Muslims invaded Spain

  • Sep 2, 771

    Baghdadand New Ideas

    Baghdad led the known world in new ideas. The science of astronomy was brought to Baghdad from India in 771
  • Sep 2, 1091

    The Caliphate of the Seldjuks

    A wave of invasions by Turkish wandering tribes changed the Islamic empire. In 1091 the seldjuks made Baghdad their capital city.
  • Sep 2, 1096

    1st Crusade

    Pope Urban began the first Crusade
  • Sep 2, 1118

    Seldjuk Broken up

    Seldjuk empire broke up onto small states
  • Sep 2, 1258

    Baghdad Destroyed

    Mongol tribes from Central Asia invaded the Islamic World. Baghdad was destroyed in 1258 by Hulegu.
  • Period: Sep 2, 1258 to Sep 2, 1517

    The Mamluks

  • Sep 2, 1492

    Exploration of Americas

    In Seville Cathedral you can see the impressive tomb of Christpher Columbus who sailed across the Atlantic in 1492 and began the European exploration of the Americas
  • The Caliphate of the Abbasids

    Abu'l Abbas became the first Abbsid calipih. Arabic language became the official language in all countried of the Islamic Empire.
  • Language of Arabic

    In 690 the language of Arabic became the official language of government.