Man and wife

The Imperfect Plan by Elijah Hunt

  • Period: to

    The LifeLine

  • The Meeting

    The Meeting
    Seeing that most people meet their spouse in college I am assuming that i will meet mine in this time period. After being educated on what type of person would be compatible for me I would find a person I feel I can grow old with and hopefully that someone will be mature enough to look for the same type of thing with me.
  • The Meeting of The Family

    The Meeting of The Family
    We need to meet each other’s family in the holidays to legitimatize relationship. Family is big to me so I want to be able to spend time with each other’s families.
  • The Engagement

    The Engagement
    By this point we should know one another fairly well. We also by this point most likely have been through all types of trials and tribulations and if we got through those then we should know if we want to take the chance of making this a lifelong endeavor.
  • Cohabitation....Yes I am

    Cohabitation....Yes I am
    We will move in with eachother. This will get us ready for marriage.
  • Marriage

    We tie the not and start the life together
  • Then Came The Kids

    Then Came The Kids
    First came love, then came marriage.....then....well you get it
  • Period: to

    My Wife and Kids

    My life will consist of family, fun and working to live the good life.
  • Moving on Up

    Moving on Up
    Hopefully by this point we both will be doing well in our careers and able to move into a house that we can call home for us and our children.
  • Start Taking Memorable Family Vacations

    Start Taking Memorable Family Vacations
    By this time the children will still be young but we can start to travel. We can take trips that will be fun for the family and the kids will remember them and have things to look forward too. All trips won't just be to amusement parks and things of that type but they will also be to places where we have a lot of family. I grew up visiting family out of state and i built relationships with people that way that made me feel good about me and have a stronger meaning of what family is.
  • Kids And Sports

    Kids And Sports
    Some of the older children will be at the age where they can play sports and be in other activities. Coming to the games and shows can be fun family outtings.
  • Renew Vowels

    Renew Vowels
    Show that i still love my significant others
  • Me and The Wife

    Me and The Wife
    With the Children coming of age the wife and myself can start focusing more on us again. we can start taking weekend trips since the kids can be trusted to take care of themselves and behave when they are left with other people.
  • 2nd Honeymoon

    2nd Honeymoon
    This will be my way of showing im still in love with the woman i married and show her that she is still that special person in my life that makes me feel young.
  • More Me and Wife

    More Me and Wife
    With kids now in college and out of the house its more time for the wife and I. We can date more, relax with eachother, and come and go as we want.
  • Period: to

    Just ME an YOU

    jJust me and the wife all the time
  • Remodeling

    I want to remodel the house so its like we are upgrading and making it more of just our home and not the house for us and the kids anymore
  • Retirement

    We can travel because we worked hard.