The French Revolution Time line

  • Period: to

    King Louis Falls in Debt

    The French government fell into deep debt during 1786, due to spending a lot of money in the American revolution. Bankers refused to lend the government money, getting King Louis into more debt and problems
  • Estates-General Assembly

    The Estates General assembly was held in Versailles for the first time in 175 years.
  • National Assembly is voted for by the delegates

    The National Assembly is voted for by the delegates. They claim to begin representative democracy and end absolute monarchy.
  • Ending of Estastes and Beginning of Equality

    Nobels joined the National Assembly, ending feudal privileges and estastes. Clergy, Nobels and Commoners are now equal.
  • Period: to

    Assembly Reforms France

    National Assembly Reforms France
  • Royal Family Tries to Escape France

    The Royal Family tried to escape france to the Austrian Netherlands, but were found by gaurds and taken back to Paris
  • National Assembly Creates New Constitution

    National Assembly completes new constitution, which creates the Legislative Assembly.
  • France is Declared a republic

    A governing group named the National Convention takes office. It removed the king from the throne ,dissolved the Legislative Assembly and called for the election of a new legislature.
  • Robespierre is sent to Guillotine

    For fear of their saftey, the members of the National Convention sent Robespierre to guillotine, ending the crazy Reign of Terror