The Formation of Nation-States

By gchoi1
  • Apr 29, 1066

    Battle of Hastings

    In 1066, Edward the Confessor dies w/o a heir, so William, the Duke of Normandy, takes the throne in the Battle of Hastings. This battle signifies the beginning of Norman control of England.
  • Period: Apr 29, 1066 to Apr 29, 1087

    Reign of William the Conqueror (England)

  • Apr 29, 1086

    Salisbury Oath

    William the Conqueror in 1086 requires that all vassals swear fealty/land to king rather than to lords with fiefs. This oath that is sworn is called the Salisbury Oath.
  • Dec 29, 1086

    Domesday Book

    In 1086, William the Conqueror, in hopes of creating a centralized organization, creates the Domesday Book, which records a census of people in the country through agents gathering information,.
  • Period: Apr 29, 1100 to Apr 29, 1135

    Reign of Henry I (England)

  • Period: Apr 29, 1108 to Apr 29, 1137

    Reign of Louis VI (France)

  • Period: Apr 29, 1154 to Apr 29, 1189

    Reign of Henry II (England)

  • Apr 29, 1162

    Henry II appoints Thomas Becket as Archbishop of Canterbury

    In 1162, King Henry II appoints Thomas Becket, his good friend, as the Archbishop of Canterbury in hopes of controlling him. But, instead, Thomas Becket takes his job very seriously.
  • Apr 29, 1164

    Henry II passes Clarendon Constitutions

    Henry II passes the Clarendon Constitutions, which were documents designed to limit Church power by placing certain Church matters under secular jurisdiction. But, Thomas Becket refused to sign them.
  • Period: Apr 29, 1180 to Apr 29, 1223

    Reign of Philip II (France)

  • Period: Apr 29, 1199 to Apr 29, 1216

    Reign of John I (England)

  • Apr 29, 1203

    Philip II of France attacks Normandy

    Phillip II of France attacks Normandy because it's nearby and under English control and reclaims the territory.
  • Apr 29, 1214

    Battle of Bouvines

    King Philip of France took back English land while John I of England was king during the Battle of Bouviness.
  • Apr 29, 1215

    Magna Carta is signed

    The angered English barons rebel due to John I's failures and make him sign the Magna Carta which lays out rights of protection for nobles against the king's powers (like power of taxing).
  • Period: Apr 29, 1226 to Apr 29, 1270

    Reign of Louis IX (France)

  • Period: Apr 29, 1272 to Apr 29, 1307

    Reign of Edward I (England)

  • Period: Apr 29, 1285 to Apr 29, 1314

    Reign of Philip IV (France)

  • Period: to

    Reign of Hugh Capet (France)