term three a studie on the olympics

  • Period: to

    start and end due date

  • have investigated a sport from the olypmics and have started report

  • report

    i have been writing a report on fencing as this is what we are doing as a sub topic before we get our secnorio
  • senario

    we must present a poem and a static image at the end of week 9 we will be presenting in week 10
  • invesgating issues

    i have been looking at issues surrouning the olympics and paralymics i have been writing all my notes in my book
  • brain storm

    we have been writing down I WONDERS about the olympics and the we catagorized them into catagroies

    i have brain stormed three ideas they were all based on science and i have dedcided on my topic which is the future of the olympics i am now working on my fertile question and must have it done by this friday which im sure i can do
  • fertile questions

    we have chosin our fertile question and put in the spreed sheet and modifed our question to suit requrments
  • present

    we will present our master peice