Term 3 Inqury

  • Period: to

    Term 3 Inquriy

  • Start planning

    Get my fertile question done (finished)
  • Away

    On holiday
  • Away

    On holiday
  • Away

    On holiday
  • Getting started

    Get my sub questions done (finished 7/8/12)
    Get timetoast started (finished 7/812)
    Get bibme started (finished 7/8/12)
  • Planning who's doing what

    Today we (annaliese p, annelise b and rory) figured out what each out us will be doing e.g who doing each sub question
  • Our Rubric

    Today we decided on our science rubric its the second science one
  • Away

    Today we where away
  • Research

    We wrote notes about the New Zealand uniform
  • Investigated further in our sub questions

    We are gathering information to answer our questions in full anwsers
  • Started new sub question & emailed people

  • Updated some blogs

    Week 1: Planning (The Olympics Over TIme)
    Date: 16/7/2012
    Week 3 How is your planning going?
    Date: 24/8/2012
  • Completed one more blog and did more sub question work

    Week 5 Mid-way through Term 3Date: 27/8/2012.
    And worked on our sub questions
  • Surveyed Class

    Annelise surveyed the class the question was: Do you think its the swimmer or the technology swimming
  • Static image

    We decided what we are going to do your static image on it going to be a duck theme
  • Researched our sub question

    We did further research on our sub questions
  • Finished a sub question & planning Presentation

    We think that we will do a poem and a static image for our presentation
  • Started answering fertile question and wrote a check list

    I wrote a check list for what we need to do before we present
  • Planned our static image

    We changed our static image to a world record theme
  • Made a prototype

    We made a prototype on what our static image is going to look like
  • Worked on doc

    Worked on doc to be printed for folder
  • Finishing poem

    Finished the peom