Technology incorporated into Music lessons - Promethean Boards

By jrgregg
  • Brainstorm ideas

    We will make interactive flipsharts on the Promethean board to teach rhythms, note names, and note values.
  • Ideas set- set meeting dates - goal for use in class

    We will create 3 different flipcharts for the 6th grade band students to use: one on rhythms, one on note names, and one on note values. I will coteach the first lesson using the flipchart. The second lesson, I will be in the room for assistance. The third lesson will be on Deb's own.
  • 4:00 meeting to plan the first lesson.

    Meeting was postponed. We both had meetings after school and were not able to connect.
  • research resources

    I have been researching looking for different ways to accomplish the "interactive" portion of the flipshart. I have found some fun things, but not exactly what I am looking for.
  • Development

    I have created examples to share with the music teacher when we are able to meet. small group/ensemble contest, spring concert, and large group contest are happening. We will probably start lessons after all of those are done.
  • Planning Meeting

    We held a meeting to go over what I found and start planning the lessons together.
    Instead, I finally realized what I was really being asked. I thought we were creating lessons. Before we can do that, I needed to set up the software and hardware for use and will need to train the basics of the tools.
    We set up lessons for after school next week to learn the tools.
  • 1st training

    today I will train for about 30 minutes on how to start up the software, hardware and go through the basic tools. We were able to get everything running and she is playing with the toolbar.
  • Upload resources

    Over the past couple days, we have found pictures touse in the flipcharts and I have uploaded those into the resource library of activstudio for use.
  • lesson creation

    during the next week, Ms. Wolf will create the flipsharts for the lessons. I will be away from town, so she will email any concerns she has withthe project. I can help set up the actions once she has her basic wants onthe pages.
  • Lesson 1 taught

    Students took turns at the promethean board.
    3 different slide (activities)
    1: come up with a list of words using the musical notes (ABCDEFG)
    2: using those words, place the letters of the word on the staff where the notes would go.
    3: Given words, place the letters on the staff.
  • Lesson 2

    Grade 6:
    As bellwork:
    Students will match notes and rests to their correct name by dragging copies of the note or rest to the appropriate name.
  • manipulating resources

    Internet resources are still not uploading to her computer, though they are on mine inthe shared folder.
    Plan B, we put them on her desktop so she can use them from there.
    We will continue to try to figure out why they will not load to the program.
  • Lesson 3

    Students will use notes on the screen to recreate a small sampling from a song. Ex: Twinkle Twinkle little star.
    Sound is provided as a hint.