Technological Advances in Medicine

  • Invention of the Microscope

    Invention of the Microscope
    Zacharius Jannssen invents the microscope.
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    Technological Advancements in Medicine

  • Canines Used To Help Knowledge of Transfering Medicine

    Canines Used To Help Knowledge of Transfering Medicine
    Sir Christopher Wren was the first to administer medications intravenously by means of an animal bladder attached to a sharpened quill.
  • First Documented Human Blood Transfusion

    First Documented Human Blood Transfusion
    Dr. Jean - Baptiste Denys from France infused the blood of a sheep into a little boy.
  • Newly Created Microscope

    Newly Created Microscope
    Anton van Leewenhoek refines the microscope
  • First Oxygen Prepared

    First Oxygen Prepared
    Oxygen first prepared by the Swedish chemist Scheele, who called it "fire air."
  • Nitrous Oxide 's Anesthetic Property

    Nitrous Oxide 's Anesthetic Property
    Sir Humphrey Davis discovered laughing gas' anesthetic property while he was an assistant at an institution.
  • Stethescope Invented

    Stethescope Invented
    Rene Laennec invents the stethescope. It is still considered the physician's most useful tool today.
  • First Successful Heart Surgery

    First Successful Heart Surgery
    George Callender performs the first successful heart surgery on a patient stabbed by a long needle in his coat during a fight.
  • Cholera Vaccine Developed

    Cholera Vaccine Developed
    The first vaccine for cholera was developed.
  • Rabies Vaccination Created

    Rabies Vaccination Created
    The first vaccine for rabies was developed.
  • First Film Oxygenator

    First Film Oxygenator
    Von Frey and Gruber introduce the first film oxygenator.
  • Medical Use of X-Rays

    Medical Use of X-Rays
    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovers medical use of X-rays in medical imaging
  • Stereotactic Method

    Stereotactic Method
    Victor Horsley and R. Clarke invents the stereotactic method. This method is a minimally form of surgical intervention which makes use of a three-dimensional coordinate system to locate small targets inside the body and to perform on them some action.
  • Diphtheria Vaccine

    Diphtheria Vaccine
    The first vaccine for diphtheria was developed. "Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease caused by the bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Symptoms usually occur 2 to 5 days after you have come in contact with the bacteria." -NCBI
  • Cure For Streptococcus Developed

    Cure For Streptococcus Developed
    Gerhard Domagk develops a chemotherapeutic cure for streptococcus (known as strep).
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine

    Yellow Fever Vaccine
    The Yellow Fever Vaccine was developed to cure this disease.
  • Measles Vaccine

    Measles Vaccine
    The first vaccine for measles was developed.
  • CT Scanner

    CT Scanner
    Sir Godfrey Hounsfield invents the first commercial CT scanner.
  • Pneumonia Vaccine

    Pneumonia Vaccine
    The first vaccine for pneumonia was developed.
  • Human Skin Cells

    Human Skin Cells
    Scientists discover how to use human skin cells to create embryonic stem cells.