SystemOne Post-Mortem Analysis

  • New SystemOne Available for Beta Testing

    The new version of SystemOne was made available for testing. Students were allowed to play around with the services offered during online registration using data from the previous semesters. The changes made by the students were not reflected during the actual registration. Although the look and feel was still a work in progress at that time, almost all modules were already available. SystemOne was released as early as possible so users can give us (the DevTeam) lots of time to fix bugs and imp
  • Period: to

    Research on Optimization and Possible Rooms for Improvement

    While monitoring SystemOne and reading suggestions and comments from the students, we resumed our research on how to improve and optimize SystemOne. We also looked for metrics to objectively quantify how good or how bad the system is.
  • Updated the Look and Feel

    Aside from fixing reported bugs, we updated the look and feel of SystemOne. A module for unfinalizing their schedule was also made available so users can test finalizing their schedules. This feature was removed a day prior to the actual registration.
  • Students Continued Testing the Modules

    Students began posting their unofficial schedules on Facebook and other media. The most number of users recorded during this day was 1633. Even with a setting not configured for high traffic, no performance issue was ever raised.
  • Started Development of Administrator Modules

    Since the words that came from students were mostly suggestions on the appearance only of SystemOne, we began writing scripts on importing data that come from Regist.
  • OCM Module Stabilized

    The day concluded with the Online Change of Matriculation tagged as a stable module.
  • Finished All the Administrator Modules

    The week concluded with the completion of all administrator modules.
  • Started Development of the Enlistor Module

    Aside from tweaking a few things to change the look and feel of SystemOne, we began working on the module that is used during assisted enlistment.
  • Finished Optimizing All Modules

    Based on the several suggested metrics, the new SystemOne is now officially the most lightweight and fastest among all the versions.
  • Finished the Enlistor Module

    At this point, all target modules are now officially finished and ready for use.
  • SystemOne Gets a New Version Name

    The official version name of SystemOne is Decaf. This was decided based on the number of votes in the Facebook group.
  • Registration-Related Data Obtained from the Registrar

    We asked the OUR for any data that can now be uploaded to the database server. The data provided to us was not complete yet because grades obtained during Summer were still being encoded. We began processing the data we received from the Registrar and we informed them of any data-related error we encounter.
  • Period: to

    Waited for Data from OUR

    During these days, we are either processing and checking the data we obtained from the Registrar or updating the FAQ document.
  • Online Registration Moved to June 4

    With the data still being processed, I personally advised the Registrar to move the Online Registration from June 2 to June 4.
  • Received Almost Complete Data from OUR

    Aside from the initial slots of students, all data were now available to SystemOne in Durendal. These data were not uploaded to the official servers to avoid confusion. Once again, we allowed the students to test SystemOne. And once again, we did not receive any performance issue from them. This was in harmony with what we are seeing from our logs..
  • Received Complete and Corrected Data from OUR

    Towards the afternoon, we finally received all the data needed for the online registration. We began processing them.
  • Complete Data Made Available to the Students

    After processing the data the night before, the registration-related data were made available to the students including their initial slots.
  • Data-Related Issues Reported

    A few minutes after the data were uploaded to the initial servers, we received some data-related reports. About an hour after relaying the issues to the OUR, the OUR provided us with an updated data. We had to process almost everything and perform rounds of checks again. We finished before the clock ticked 12AM.
  • 12:00AM | Continued Monitoring SystemOne

    After uploading and checking all the data, we continued monitoring SystemOne. The number of users peaked at 2947 and 2689 in Dioscoro and Eduardo, respectively. No performance issue was ever reported. On the contrary, we are receiving compliments on how fast the new SystemOne is.