Summer of 2012

By isaact
  • Last day of school

    Last day of school
    Today was the last day of school. We played kickball and other games. After school my friends and hung out. We celebrated at the pizza ranch.
  • Baseball

    We started our baseball season.We played a lot of games. We won some and lost some. It was a great time and we all had fun.
  • Pool

    I went to the pool with my friends. We went off of the diving boards. Then we played basketball. We had a good time.
  • Surgery at the Hawarden Hospital

    Surgery at the Hawarden Hospital
    I had my tonsils taken out. I aslo had my adnoids taken out. I was kind of scared at first. Once it was over I felt okay.
  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    I went to my friends cabin for the 4th. We shot off many fireworks. We also rode around in my friends golf cart.Lots of people were there and we had a great time.
  • Omaha Zoo

    Omaha Zoo
    I went to the zoo with my family. We met our friends at the zoo. We also stayed in the same hotel as our friends! It was fun.
  • Wild Water West

    Wild Water West
    I went to Wild Water West in Sioux Falls. I went with my friend. Went in the wave pool and the lazy river most of the time.We also played mini golf.