Summer 2012

By kaileyb
  • Last Day of School

    On the last day of school we had a kickball tournament. We also played dodgeball. I went home and watched T.V.
  • Maddie's Birthday

    Emma Avery, Abbie and me through a sweet birthday party. There were treats and juice. My sticky ball fell in the juice. Maddie even through a m'm at my forehead.
  • Softball

    I had a bunch of softball. Pratice and games took almost my whole summer. I had two games.
  • Boating

    I went boating with the Ericsons. Abbie and me body surfed the waves from the wave runner. I rode the waver runner it was really fun.
  • Olympic Pool Party

    Shady Blankenship and me won a gold medal in synchronised diving. We did a twist dive. They had swimming contests and pizza. It was at the Hawarden Pool
  • Went to Adventure Land

    I went to Adventure Land with my family and grandma. We spent 4 hours at Adventure Bat waterpark. My favorite ride was the Space Shot.
  • Sleepover

    Abbie and me had a sleep over. We went to bed late. We even played mash. Marlee came in and we played a book called Girls Night In.