St. Catherine's Interactive Timeline: Memories

  • St. Catherine’s mission

    It all began on October 30, 1961 when 35 Episcopalians organized St. Catherine’s mission, initially meeting with the Rev. John Womack, Archdeacon of the Diocese, in Red Rock Community House and later in Sedalia Park Elementary School.
  • Period: to

    St. Catherine's time line

  • Acquired land

    In 1962, the present land of approximately 10 acres was acquired for a four phase building program beginning with a chapel and parish hall at a cost of $12,500.
  • First Annual Meeting

  • First Building

    My earliest memory of St. Catherine's is a small cement block building where we held Morning Prayer 3 Sundays and the rector of St. David's in Roswell came one Sunday for Holy Communion. The only person I remember is Bill Middleton and his family.
    Carol (Wells) Murphy
  • Construction of next phase facility

    Much of the building was done by volunteers. The cost of the church with classrooms in the undercroft was $40,000, including materials used in finishing touches.
  • First service in new building

    The first service was held in March, 1970 and Jim Clarke became full time vicar.
  • Roger and Eileen Motter

    Roger and Eileen Motter joined St. Cat's. Folding chairs in old parish hall were carried over railway ties to new church service until pews were bought thanks to Joe Bagwell. Three events were started: Stone Soup, Chicken BBQ for River Raft Race, and Turkey Shoot in front of the church.
  • Maundy Thursday

    Holy Eucharist on Maundy Thursday was preceeded by the celebration of the Sedar in the parish hall.
  • Communion Wine

    We went south of Atlanta to pick grapes, fermented them in the parish hall, and made our own communion wine.
  • Mother's Morning Out

    Mother's Morning Out began.
  • Reverend Michael Milligan

    The Reverend Michael Milligan was our next vicar. He brought samples of communion and a recipe from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers. It has been the bread of choice since then and made by the Altar Guild.
  • The Mitchell Family

    The Mitchell family joined St. Cat's.
  • Bayless Family

    It was October of 1976 and we had just moved to Marietta. We had already bought our home on Holt Road because it was right down the street from the Episcopal Church.
    Our first Sunday we went was Father Mike Milligan's last Sunday and we were having abig going away party. He was playing his guitar and singing..the children loved it! Then Eileen Motter came to us and introduced herself to us. wonderful friendship developed. Susan Bayless
  • Reverend David F. Wayland

    The Reverend David F. Wayland came to St. Cat's. On his first Sunday we had triplet girl acolytes serve (Bette Hamilton). He started the tradition of holding hands during the Lord's Prayer that continues today.
  • Bloom Where You are Planted

    The Diocese asked St. Catherine's to decide if we would move to Johnson Ferry Road or stay where we were. I was treasurer and so attended the Vestry retreat that year. We spent that day exploring what we should do. We all decided that we would stay on Holt Road and "Bloom where we are planted". We've done nothing but grow since that day. Hale Sanders
  • Next Building Program

    The sanctuary and parish hall are linked together through a building program.
  • Ths Atlanta Boy's Murders and St. Catherine's

    David Wayland received a call from a man who wanted to talk to a priest and confessed to murdering boys in Atlanta. The man wanted David to meet him at the airport and go with him to turn himself in to the police. David worked with the police to arrest this person. It was later determined ehat this person wanted notoriety and publicity and was not the murderer. David Wayland
  • Steve and Rosemary Wolfe

    Steve and Rosemary get married at St. Cat's.
  • Clown Mass

    Jim Green was on a ladder honking a horn to announce the Gospel! Carroll Mitchell
  • Shrimp Boil

    Every September we had a Shrimp Boil on the old deck. We met many people who are some of the good friends that became family.
  • St. Catherine's Outreach

    St. Catherine's joined SNOR (Safe Night of Rest) located on the Marietta square in an old fire station. Volunteers prepared the meal and brought it to the shelter. There was one washer and dryer and volunteers stayed the night and did laundry. Breakfast was prepared the next morning. Susan Bayless
  • Ku Klux Klan

    A group from St. Cat's met with many denominations at First Baptist to counter the actions of the Ku Klux Klan with prayer.
    Carroll Mitchell
  • St. Catherine's 25th Anniversary

    We celebrated St. Catherine's 25th Anniversary. The children made processional banners and former rectors came to help celebrate the Eucharist. It was the Thanksgiving service and there was a Dinner Dance also.
  • The Diffley's

    Steve and Kitty Diffley were married at St. Catherine's.
  • The Mace Family

    Charles and Tami Mace were married at St. Catherine's.
  • Father Wayland Leaves St. Cat's

    Father Wayland left to return to his family homestead in Virginia. The Reverend Doris Graf, who had been ordained a deacon and priest at St. Cat's became priest-in-charge during the vacancy.
  • Potter's First Service

    On our first service here there were Burma shave signs all the way from the parking lot to the door. I don't remember all they said but the last one was "Arlyn was L" (it was Arlyn Cooks 50th birthday. Jan Potter
  • Reverend Laurence Packard

    Father Larry arrived. He said he came to part of a church and a hole in the ground. He helped oversee the completion of the new building extension and some renovating of the old. The Memorial Garden was proposed by Fr. Larry and built by Roger Motter. He introduced blessings for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Reverend Michael Billingsly

    Father Michael joined us as assistant rector.
  • Youth Programs

    The youth group was called EYC. They met in homes weekly and once a month they had cake and celebrated birthdays for that month. There was one event with a double decker bus and that picked the teens up and they had a progressive dinner. St. Catherine's was, and still is, a place where young folks can feel comfortable! Susan Bayless
  • Holy Place

    I arrived at St. Cat's and felt at home even on a weekday- when the building was empty- it felt "right" and a Holy place.
  • Holy Cat's

    Holy Cat's Folk Mass Group was formed.
  • Hurricane Andrew Hits Homestead, Florida

    St. Cat's did a huge ingathering of water and supplies and filled a truck which we drove to florida.
  • Noelle Mace Baptism

    Noelle was baptized and there were many prayers. Tami Mace
  • Father Mike Billingsly and St.Teresa

    Father Mike grows another church and developed St. Teresa's in Acworth.
  • Confirmation at St. Cat's

    Caroline Paris was confirmed at St. Cat's by Bishop Soto. I met him as a priest in Equador on a mission trip the summer of 1967.
    Michael Paris
  • Hazel Glover

    Hazel came to St. Cat's as assistant rector and stayed until the spring of 2002 when she was called to be the rector of St. Margaret's in Carrollton.
  • Reverend James Nixon

    Father Jim is called to St. Cat's as rector (empty letter).
  • Ethan Cook

    Ethan Cook is baptized and it is Father Jim's first baptism at St. Cat's. Lisa Cook
  • September 11, 2001

    Hazel held a prayer service "for the nation" at St. Cat's.
  • Snape Family

    Owen is born and while my parents are visiting from North Carolina, my mom says they found a wonderful little church over on Holt Road... Snape Family
  • Reverend Sherry Coulter

    Sherry served as Assistant Rector in October , then as Associate Rector until May 2007
  • Fire in the New Sanctuary

    While under construction, the new sanctuary roof caught on fire. Smoke and fire damage led to the moving of the preschool. Holt Road Baptist offered to let the preschool meet there until repairs were made.
  • Faith Lutheran

    Faith Lutheran opened her doors to the gym for us to have a service the day after our fire. Included in the vestry announcements was a youth fundraiser- selling firewood! Taylor Baughmann was scheduled as youth reader and called Father Jim to make sure he could still do the reading and he did.
  • The Donoghue Family

    Our first Sunday at St. Cat's. Greeted by Vera Bibbings and Susan Jenkins. We knew we had found our church home after a wonderful coffee time under the Great Oak.
  • Morich Wedding

    Peter and Colleen were married at the 11:15 service followed by a reception in the parish hall. Special thanks to the Marriage Journey group that led us on the right path- the Jablonski's, Nixon's, Snapes, Patrick's, and Randall's.
  • Deacon Kathy Holman

    Deacon Kathy Holman joined St. Cat's and remained with us through May 2010. She formed the Choracle and held classes on the many forms of prayer.
  • Outdoor Stations of the Cross

    Eagle Scout Thomas Pilliod designed and built the Outdoor Stations of the Cross.
  • Charles Mace Joind Church

    Charles Mace becomes an Episcopalian
  • Youth House

    Construction of the Youth House began with most of the work being done by parishioners.
  • Reverend Susan Johnson

    Father Sue joined St. Cat's as associate rector. At a Women's Retreat, her title changed to Amma Susan.
  • Dedication of the Youth House

    Bishop Alexander dedicated the Youth House and full-time use began with the fall programs.
  • Outdoor Labyrinth

    Zach Pope designed and built a labyrinth under the Great Oak as his Eagle Scout project.
  • Outdoor Worship Space

    Sally Paris designed and built an outdoor worship space by clearing woods behind the church next to the gazebo. A cross, chalis and paton were donated for use outdoors.
  • VBS

    Summer 2008-2011 VBS rocks at St. Catherine's!