Sheridan's Important Life Events

  • I was born.

    I was born.
    I was born at St. Josephs Hospital. I weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. I was brought home on my brother's third birthday. I was the first member of my family to be brought home to our current house as a newborn. When I got home, many of my new neighbors welcomed me.
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  • I was baptized.

    I was baptized.
    I was baptized at St. Viator Church by Father John Eck. I was less than 1 year old. My godparents were Uncle Leon and Aunt Laurie. We had a party at an Italian restaurant after the ceremony.
  • I started going to St. Viator.

    I started going to St. Viator.
    I started going to kindergarten at St. Viator. I had gone to preschool at St. Barts for two years. My brother was already at St. Viator, so I felt older going to the same school. My teacher was Mrs.Wright, but when I had her she was Ms. Buckner. It was her first year teaching at St.Viator.
  • I made First Communion.

    I made First Communion.
    I made my First Communion at St. Viator, like my baptism. I was in second grade. I sat with my parents. Afterwards, we went home for a party and ate a special cake. We had a lot of people over and it was a lot of fun.
  • I got a dog.

    I got a dog.
    I got a Boston terrier. We drove through a snowstorm to Ohio to pick her up. She was a rescue. At first her name was Autumn, then Piggy. Then we called her Pinky. She is now 5 years old and a part of the family.
  • I went on a big train trip.

    I went on a big train trip.
    We went on a big train trip with Amtrak. We went with other relatives, too. It lasted 17 days. The train was called the California Zephyr on the way there, and the Empire Builder on the way back. We went all the way to California, then drove to Portland, Oregon, which is where we saw more family. It was something that all of us will never forget.
  • I went to a wedding.

    I went to a wedding.
    We went to Minnesota for our cousins wedding. We drove all the way there. It was in a little town called Ottertail. At the hotel, we met some of our couins. We went to the little water park at the hotel, and it was a lot of fun. We went in a line without tubes down a light up tube slide. The lifeguards didn't care because we were the only ones in the park the second day. The wedding was really pretty at Dannie's cabin on the lake. It was a lot of fun.
  • I won the championship.

    I won the championship.
    We won the championship for basketball. Our team played against St. Clements. We had lost twice and won once against them. It was a close game to the end when we won by five points. We played at St. Andrew's gym. Afterwards we went to a restaurant to celebrate. It was a great night.
  • I got confirmed.

    I got confirmed.
    I was confirmed at St. Viator. I chose the name Sophia. My Aunt Marianne was my sponsor. I read the second reading, and somehow I was number one in order to get confirmed. There were 87 people getting confirmed at the same time by Bishop Mans. It was a great experience that I will never forget.