By jargyle
  • theres a hair in me dirt

    to day we learned that it is better not to mess with the enviornment thinking we are going to help it like the charector in the story we read 'theres a hair in me dirt'. if we do any thing to the envornment we must know exactly what we are doing and how it effects the envornment
  • biotic and abiotic

    biotic means liviving or came from some thing alive abiotic means some thing that is dead or comes from somthing dead
  • physical properties

  • what are some chemical properties of your object

    food digestive system, flamability, reactivity
  • how can you tell what a chemical properties a substance has

  • physical and chemical change

    how do yu tell the dif gaseous physical and chemical ghange
  • atoms

    today i learned about the newest model of a atom the wave motle
  • atomic structure

    you have to have more electorns than protons to make some think negative
  • periodic table

    what do the columbs represent in the p table: how many shells it has