Scientist Time Line

  • William Harvey

    William Harvey
    describes the circulation of blood
  • Jean- Baptiste Denis

    Jean- Baptiste Denis
    successfully transfuses blood from a lamb to a human
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    first observes living bacteria
  • Thomas Malthus

    Thomas Malthus
    Known for population growth and the effects of it
  • Edward Jenner

    Edward Jenner
    uses cowpox to immunize against smallpox
  • Charle Darwin

    Charle Darwin
    he formed a theory to explain how evolution may take place
  • Florence Nightengale

    Florence Nightengale
    became a trained nurse
  • Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur
    invents sterilization
  • Robert Koch

    Robert Koch
    proves Bacillus anthracis causes anthrax
  • Joseph Lister

    Joseph Lister
    uses sterile surgical techniques
  • Pasteur

    treats rabies with vaccination
  • Gregor Mendel

    Gregor Mendel
    invention of better microscopes allowed biologists to discover the basic facts of cell division and sexual reproduction
  • Karl Landsteiner

    Karl Landsteiner
    determined three of four blood types
  • Paul Ehrlich

    Paul Ehrlich
    invents Salversan, a drug for syphilis
  • Albert Sabin

    Albert Sabin
    developer of oral live virus polio vaccine
  • Sir Alexander Fleming

    Sir Alexander Fleming
    discovers antibiotic effects of penicillin mold
  • Dr.Charles Drews

    Dr.Charles Drews
    set up collection centers for blood to fill World War II needs
  • Howard Florey and Ernst Chain

    Howard Florey and Ernst Chain
    isolated pencicillin and create first antibiotic drug
  • Jonas Salk

    Jonas Salk
    an injectable polio vaccine is introduced