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  • There's a Hair in My Dirt

    There's a Hair in My Dirt
    We read this book and it was a good moral, on how to leave nature nature
  • Biotic/Abiotic

    We worked on our Venn Diagram about Biotic/Abiotic. Biotic meaning alive and abiotic meaning dead.
  • Venn Diagram #2

    Venn Diagram #2
    We made our own Venn Diagram For Abiotic and biotic.
  • Trophic

    We talked about what effects population in enviorments. 90% of energy loses to heat
  • Planet Earth

    We watched polanet earths artic ecosystems.
  • Population

    We did a population worksheet on canvas.
  • Resources

    We did the recources assignment on Canvas/ Science book and we made a chart.
  • Attempt Quiz

  • Quiz

  • Movie

    We watched Planet Earth
  • Spore Creature

    We made our Spore creatures
  • Guest Speaker

    We learned about energy being transfered through animals.
  • From land to Mouth

    We learned about how much energy is available.
  • Physical Properties #1

    Children Toys
    And Miscellaineous stuff
  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    Some chemical properties are:
    Not very soluble
    Most likley not flamable
    Very water reseistance
  • Physical/ Chemical Changes

    It's physical by its moving, but when it turns it is chemical because it turns wind into energy. So a windmill is both a physical and chemical property.
  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    By putting it through a chemical reaction/ change.
  • Phase Change

    We learned the chenges of solods liquids and gases.
  • Phase Change

    The difference is smell and color, and physical can be reversed.
  • Physical/ Chemical Changes

    I learned iodine turned black and hardens when mixed with cornstarch. Salt spreds out iodine in a brown color. And temp can be a factor of a physical change.
  • Atoms

    I learned that electrons form a shell around the nucleas because they move so fast.
  • Atomic Structure

    You must have more Protons than Electrons.
  • Isotopes & Ions

    Ion is determined by Electrons, and Isotopes is determined by proton.
  • Periodic Table

    They each have the same amount of electrons on their Valence Shell.