Rose Tyler Timeline

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  • Rose Tyler is Born

    On December 22, 1854, my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The baby was to be named Autumn, for the season she was birthed, but Mother had a stroke of inspiration; she saw the baby's rosy cheeks and knew the girl had to be named Rose. That baby was me, and I am the only child my parents have ever had. My family was very rich, so my crib had a crystal chandelier above it instead of a mobile. I used to love how it twinkled and shined in the light.
  • Rose's Parents Die

    My parents died in a carriege crash. They had been at a charity ball, and left me with my aunt and uncle. As they were coming to retrieve me, the horses slipped on a patch of ice. The carraige went spinning, and crashed into a tree. They died on impact. Because my parents died, I had to pack up my things and live with my aunt and uncle. Being only four or five, I hadn't completely understood this event; I just knew that Mummy and Father weren't coming back.
  • Rose's Uncle Dies

    My uncle died of an unknown illness; he was bed ridden for two weeks before his body finally gave out. My aunt was devestated. His funeral was held the next day. Because my uncle died, my aunt and I decided to come to America to have a new beginning.We left very quickly because my aunt couldn't handle the memories left in their house.
  • Board the Ship to America

    My aunt and I traveled in first class on the ship to America. I brought two trunks full of clothing and accessories, plus three aprons. We also brought two safes full of our money, carefully hidden in another trunk. We were docking at Ellis Island. We had heard many things about America, and I was quite excited for this new adventure.
  • Arrive at Ellis Island

    Our ship docked at Ellis Island during early morn, when the sun was coming up. The sight of Lady Liberty welcoming us against a pale swirl of colours was incredible. We went through the tests in the island without a hitch. While exiting the island, a dirty street boy stole one of the safes. We now only had half of our money. Because of this, we had to work extremely hard to earn the money back. We moved to Chicago and bought a townhome after only three days in New York.
  • Rose Opens a Bakery

    My aunt and I opened up a bakery in Chicago. Since we had been living in a townhome not far from the location, it was an easy commute to work each day. Business boomed, and we were usually packed in the mornings and right after lunch. My aunt and I easily earned back the money that had been stolen the first day off the ship. We began to know our customers very well; it was wonderful to say we had friends in this new country.
  • Bakery Kitchen Burns Down

    Because our business was so successful, we hired more people to work for us. This had been going fine until one day, when a new girl left the oven fire much too hot. The oven caught fire, which spread quickly to the rest of the kitchen. It was in between rushes, so we were able to get everyone out unharmed. We had to sell the damaged bakery to a friend of ours who was one of our wealthier customers. He took the damaged building for only 40 dollars.
  • Rose and her Aunt Move to Oregon

    My aunt heard of people moving to the west because of new opportunities opened up by the Homestead Act. Because the this act was passed, many people moved to the west. Since our bakery kitchen had burned down, it was easy to pack up and leave right after we sold it. My aunt and I took a wagon with some neighbours of ours; we ended up in Oregon. We settled in a small town called Elk’s Creek and opened a new bakery, which succeeded without any complications or competition.
  • Homestead Act

    The Homestead Act was passed by President Lincoln May 20, 1862, after the southern states had suceeded. It wasn't until January of the next year until people found out the advantages of the bill. It gained them the oppurtunity for a government land grant. It was available to anyone who had never resisted the U.S. Government, including freeing or harbouring slaves. The occupent had to be 21+ years or the head of family to qualify; once they had gotten the land, they had to live on it for
  • Rose Tyler Dies

    At exactly 40 years old, Rose Tyler died of illness; the same illness her uncle died from.