Rollercoaster Journal by Ethan Belliston

  • Friday

    We cleaned up our stations and learned about how to do this journal, We decided what to do for our roller coaster.
  • Monday

    We drew the blueprint for the roller and changed the position of the loops. Then they would have enough energy to go all the way around.
  • Tuesday

    Today we finished our rollercoaster and we thought it wasn't stable enough so we added more dowles. This made it stable so when the marble went down the track wouldn't move as much.
  • Wednesday

    We tested our rollercoaster and on the hill the marble jump over the track. So we put a little bit of the track on the top to stop it from jumping.
  • Thursday

    We did the Lab Practicum and our question was how does wieght effect the flight time of a paper airplane. We formed an experiment and finished. We worte up a lab sheet and turned it in.
  • Friday

    We found the Height and velocity. and with that we foun the kenetic and potential energy at the end and beginning of the rollercoaster.
  • Tuesday

    We found that the Kenetic and potential at the end and beginning of the rollercoaster did not match up. but as soon as we calculated the friction we found that they did match up.