• Wealthy.

    The Third Estate created The National Assembly consisting of only property owning males. This is important because Louis XVI was always in favor of the wealthy even though the poor were starving. The fact that The National Assembly was only wealthy made it so that they were still in power over the peasents. Which was not good for the revolution.
  • War.

    Austria demands that King Louis and Marie are restored to the throne. Instead the National Assembly declares war on Austria.
    King Louis and Marie already were out of office. The Legislativre Assembly was in office. The National Assembly declaired war, which made the revolution worse because it spread them out across the country, but they were already running thin, the peasants were hungry, and etc. Spreading their citizens (soliders) all over the nation would and couldn't have helped in any way
  • National Anthem

    National Anthem
    "La Marsellaise" becomes the new French national anthem. It helped the revolution because the revolution and the war gave citizens a good sense of national identity. The sons and daughters of the revolution had to defend the nation. In 1973 the troops of france marched down Marseilles singing this song. It was for nationalism.
  • Holy Man

    Holy Man
    Rasputin's influence over the czarina reached its peak. This is important because when the czar went to war, the czarina listened to Raspitin, a illiterate peasant and self proclaimed 'holy man.' This weakend the government and he only appointed men to office who flattered him. The czar left his wife in charge while he was at war, but she knew nothing about government.
  • "Peace, Land and Bread"

    "Peace, Land and Bread"
    Lenin returned to Russia from exile in Switzerland. When lenin was 17 years old, hid older brother was arrested and hung for plotting to kill the czar. The execution of his brother made the whole family a threat to the state. Lenin supported Karl Marx, he supported the revolution . With his right hand man, Leon Trotsky.
  • Execution!

    The Czar and his family were executed. It was a big problem because when he left the throne there was no one to take his spot, so they had a provisional government (A temporary government) He was killed because the citizens did not agree, and a lot of people were mad at him.