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    The National Assembly Take Control

    The third estate created the National Assembly consisting of only property-owning males. The National Assembly formed by the bourgeoisie of the Third Estate, because they didn’t like being treated as if they were nothing and wanted everyone to be treated as equals.
  • No More Monarchy

    No More Monarchy
    The constitution of 1791 Limits the King’s power and eliminates the absolute monarchy. The Constitution was created to change how things were to be done. It took away the Kings power ending Monarchy all together and leaving decisions to the National Assembly whom wanted equality to all.
  • Off With Her Head!

    Off With Her Head!
    The Queen, Marie Antoinette, is beheaded. The beheading of Queen Marie Antoinette was the last of the royals to run in France. She was beheaded because she was seen as a trader to France whom didn’t care for the country and its people.
  • Too Many With Less

    Too Many With Less
    Russian casualties in WW1 reached 2 million people. With 2 Million casualties because of WWI made the people question about what the Czar is doing for the country and what good the war is doing them.
  • Fallow or Die

    Fallow or Die
    Lenin used brutal tactics known as the “red terror” to further the Bolshevik revolution. The “Red terror” was where every political party but the Bolsheviks were banned and with anything was censored for if anyone said anything against them would be either killed or imprisoned.
  • United Yet Again

    United Yet Again
    The Red Army defeated the White Army. With the Red Army defeating the White Army the government gained territories including uniting the Old Russian Empireand was newly-named Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).