Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

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    Thriller Project

  • Thriller research starts

    Thriller research starts
    In the beginning of september we started to research the Thriller genre. We looked at many Thriller Films to gather an idea of what they were like such like seven, collateral, shutter island and the hurt locker. Looking at the Thriller films showed us what typical characters, plots and narrarives they had this allowed us to create an idea of what we could do for are own film.
  • More Research

    More Research
    Here we looked at techincial vobcabulary:
    camera shots
    mise en scene
    digetic, non digetic sounds
  • Thiller Research

    We started to research our own opening title sequences; we had to anyalise the mise en scene and cinematography. This helped me gather a better idea of what i wanted my own Thriller title sequence to look like and what kind of characters i wanted to be in it.
    The Thriller researchh just gave prepared us to create are own OTS we research the target marketing and audience, the rating for films and the conventions of the Thriller genre.
  • Forming perliminary groups and planning

    Forming perliminary groups and planning
    To perpare us for our OTS filming we were put in groups for our perlim exercise. I was put in a grouop with three other people who i did not know very well so it was very dorting and unnevreing when i had to dicuss my ideas with them. To make sure everybody in the group was heard we each took it in turn to speak and tell the group about their idea, we also formed a mind map which meant that we wouldn't forget the idea and could change it to how the majority of the group wanted to.
  • Preliminary Exercise

    Preliminary Exercise
    For the prelim we had to make a short video showing aperosn walking down a coridor and then sitting at a table. The prelim was very useful becase it taught us how to use and set up the film equipment and to experiment with different ideas such as camera angles. For example we used shot reverse shot to show two people having a conversation.
  • Prelim Editing

    We did some quite editing learning the basics and then chose some music that would suit our video and that would creat a good atmosphere
  • Prelim Evaluation

    We had to write an evaluation on how the prelim exercise went and how we felt about it, also talking about the roles we had in the group. We mainly spoke about what new skills we had learnt and what ones we could use for our own opening title sequence.
  • Formed groups for OTS and planning

    We were put into new groups but lucky for me i was put with the same people i was wth for the prelim which was good because i felt like we worked very well together. We combined our indivual film ideas together and tried to create a narrative which had typical Thriller conventions. From there we started looking at the OTS in more detail and had to think how we could intoduce characters and how we could hint to the narrative.
  • Planning OTS

    We continued researching our Thriller opening title sequence and while doing this we were giving some time indivually to think about what we wanted our own Thriller OTS to be like
  • Locations

    We had to think about what places would be a good setting. We picked an arange of places and went to them to see if they were suitable to film at for our OTS. We decided choosing a forest because it is very typical of a Thrller film, also because it is isolated and a bedroom, which adds a bit of personality to Detective Kane, the main character.
  • Filming

    On this day we went out to film. We had a rocking start as our orginal actor was unable to do it and we had to find another, due to this we started late. We went back to the locations we perviously looked at and was able to get a lot of good shots for the time we had.
  • Reshoot

    As we were unable to film all the stuff we wanted on the first day we had to do reshoot,
  • Footage Review

    After our two shoots we were able to sit down in the editing suit and look through it, after we watched it we found out that some of the stuff didn't come out very well because of the bad lighting.
  • Editing

    Even though we had to do another reshoot we decided that it would be best to start putting the scenes in the right order.
  • Reshoot 2

    This is our second reshoot, we had to refilm the bedroom scene as it came out funny because of bad lighting and some of the shots we had done didn't work. Thie being our second reshoot we knew that we had to set up quicker.
  • Editing

    After getting everything properly filmed we were everything able to start editing and putting all the shots together to create a narrative and title seqeuence.
  • More Editing

    We made a rough cut of our opening title sequence so we could see what it would look like and then add in any special effects we wanted to hep make the OTS flow.
  • Final Editing

    Final Editing
    This is when we completely finished editing and was up to our standards so that other people could watch it. We then put it on youtube so people coul review it and so we could put it on the blog.
  • Conclusion

    In conclusion i have learnt that creating an opening title sequence let alone a full film is a lot of hard work and you need to put in a lot of planning and research.
    I am very pleased with the overall outcome of Animus our opening title sequence.
    If i were to do it again i would have back up actors and put more time into editing and planning.