Question 7- Evaluation

  • Researched the thriller genre

    We looked at films like se7en and Brick to study different types of Thrillers. how the characters are portrayed and seen differently by male and female audiences. for example males like thrillers because of the action where females like thrillers becaise of the antagonists and the male roles in the films.
  • Forming Prelim groups

    we got put into groups of 3s and given a letter after 103, e.g. 103D,103B. we then started to plan our prelims and what every personis doing as a role. we then worked out what is going to happen in our prelim and where we will film it.
  • Starting to film out Prelim exercise

    We set a filmimg date and went by our storyboards on how we are filming it. it took around and hour to film the sequence.
  • Editing our Prelim

    we then edited our Prelim. we ran out of time to edit so we didnt have time to add music over it. time keeping would be something we would have to consider when doing future projects.
  • OTS groups and planning

    i got put into a different group then my original Prelim group. we started thinking of the narrative. even though we all had different initial ideas we came to a mutual conclusion of what it would be about. we started to draw up story boards and jot down ideas.
  • Filming day for our OTS

    We had the day off of college to film our shots for the OTS we have planned. we filmed ours in Hurstpier Point at Louie's house. the only problems we had was the travelling and the camera running out of battery and not charging again.
  • Editing our OTS

    we started editing our OTS on the 10th, Louie was our designated editor. as he was not in for two weeks me and Elenor decided we would edit it instead until her gets back. we found this challenging the first time we done it but we soon got the hang of it.
  • Editing for OTS finished

    Louie finished editing on the 21st of january completed with music and effects.