Prophet Mohommed (SAW) 2-5 AH

  • Jul 16, 622

    Going to Madina

  • Period: Jul 16, 622 to Jul 16, 626

    2-5 AH

  • Mar 17, 624

    Caravan Attack

    Caravan Attack
    There was a caravan and the prophet chose to attack it because the Quraysh had kept all of his items back in Makkah. Abu Suffiyan heard about his plan so he changed his route and escaped. But he sent to Quraysh for their help. Although there was no danger, Abu Jahal insisted on fighting. So they marched to Badr and waited there. They celebrated for three days in a show of power. But the muslims decided to challenge him.
  • Mar 27, 624

    Battle of Badr

    The fight starts with a 3 on 3 fight between the two teams and the Muslims won. There were 314 Muslims led by the prophet and there were 1000 polytheists. Their leader was Abu Jahal. The muslims were lightly armed and the other side were heavly armed. The muslims won the fight. They captured 70 of them and even killed their leader Abu Jahal.