Prophet Mohammed (saw) Timeline 1-8AH

By SamidK
  • 570

    Birth of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

    Prophet Muhammed was born January 1st 570 C.E In Makkah in the year of The Elephant. His mother was named Amina and his Fathers name is Abdullah, but his father passed away before he was born. His mother was not able to feed him so put him into the care of a wet-nurse named Halimah
  • 577

    Death of Mother

    Ather the death of Prophet Muhammeds mother Aminah, prohet Muhammed was taken in by his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib. Shortly afterwards Prophet Muhammeds Grandfather died aswell and he began to live with his uncle Abu Talib
  • Jan 1, 610


    During a retreat to a cave on Jabal al-Nur (Mountain of Light), Prophet Muhammad received the first verses of the Qur’an from God, through the Angel Jibrail. He was very Frightened and thought he was possesed. Jibrail told him to read, and he said he doesnt know how to so Jibrail squished him, this happened 3 more times till Prophet Muhammed evenuatlly read what we know as the first verses of the Quran revealed from Allah. He then went home and told Khadijah as he was petrified.
  • Jan 1, 613

    Islam for the first time

    Prophet Muhammed began to preach Islam publicly after 3 years of the first revalation. It was considered non-sense by most memebers of the community, and was considered to be "tales of the ancients" by his own uncles Abu Lahab, who is cursed by name in the Quran.
  • Jan 1, 617

    Friction with the Quraysh

    In the year 617, the Quraysh, unable to convince Muhammad to stop preaching Islam, so they banished the Muslims and their supporters to a dry valley, and refused to do any business with them. Abu Talib, lost his business and the Muslims nearly starved. Abu Bakr, once a wealthy trader, lost everything, and In 619, Muhammad’s wife Khadijah died, and then Muhammad also lost his protector, Abu Talib. Not long afterwards he asks Abu Bakr for his daughters hand in marriage, she was 6 at the time.
  • Jan 1, 620

    Night Journey to the Heavens

    Prophet Muhammad reports that he had been carried to Jerusalem and then to Paradise on a mythological flying steed named Buraq, and has met the other prophets. Over the sixth heaven, he meets Moses who weeps because there would be more Muslims in heaven than Jews. During this trip Prophet Muhammed was given the orders from Allah, for the Muslims to pray 5 times a day.
  • Jan 1, 622


    Due to growing problems with the pagans in Makkah, Prophet Muhammad and his followers flee to Medina, marking the beginning of the Hijra era of the Islamic lunar calender, This also marked the time Prophet Muhammed went from a precher to a leader.
  • Jan 1, 624

    Battle of Badr

    This battle began when the Meccans tried to get revenge on the Muslims for raiding there caravans. Even though the Muslims were out numbered they were still able to win.
  • Jan 1, 627

    Batlle of the Trench

    After hearing the Meccans approaching. Prophet Muhammad's companion, Salman the Persian, advises him there should be trenches dug around the northern front of Medina to prevent hostile Meccans from entering Muslim territory. This was more like a siege and lasted 2 weeks before the Meccans retreated.
  • Jan 1, 630

    Back to Makkah

    The Muslims conquer Mecca. Muhmmaed returns and on his way continues to recieve verses from the Quran, while his men begin destroying the idols in the Kabb'a. This is the first of many non-Muslim worship places to be forcibly converted into a mosque.
  • Jul 8, 632


    Muhammad's last days are spent with Aisha in her house, as he was ill, and he still continues to issue orders. He finally dies on the 8th of July.
  • Young Boy

    As a young boy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was a sheperd, and at around the age of 13 he began trading with his Uncle Abu Talib to Syria.
  • Marrying Khadijah

    Khadijah was Prophet Muhammeds distant cousin, who had been divorced twice before, and was very wealthy. When they first first got married it was very controversial amongst the community. Khadijah later became Islams first follower after Prophet Muhammed.
  • The Treaty of Hudaybiyya

    This treaty was created between Prophet Muhammed and the pagan Meccans while Proophet Muhammed was returning to Makkah. This treaty was a 10 year truce of peace between the two groups.