Prophet Mohammed

By Sangan
  • Jan 28, 622


    The Prophet Mohammed said "I have been shown the land to which you will migrate: it has palm trees between the two lava fields, the two stony tracts.” And so he migrated to Madina with his followers. And while he was there, he preached Islam.
  • Period: Jan 28, 622 to

    Prophet Mohammed

  • Jan 28, 623

    Battle of Badr

    Relations between Muhammad (PBUH) and the Makkan establishment went from bad to worse. The Makkans seized all the property left behind by the Muslims when they had migrated to Madinah. Muhammad (PBUH) led an attack against a caravan belonging to the eminent Makkan trader and head of the Umayyah clan, Abu Sufyan. The caravan escaped unharmed but a punitive expedition of some 800 men, under the command of Abu Jahl, was sent against the Muslims. The battle took place near Al-Badr. The Muslims won.
  • Jan 1, 624

    Battle of Al-Uhud

    In the 3rd year of Al-Hijrah, the disbelievers of Makkah, led by Abu Sufyan again went to Madina with three thousand men. So Muhammed (PBUH) led 700 Muslims to face the enemy. The Muslims had the upper hand for a few hours, but a few mistakes from some Muslims, caused the disbelievers to surround Madina. 70 Muslims were martyrs. After one disbeliever injured the Prophet's (PBUH) shoulder, he declared that he kill him. Then the disbelievers left. But then they got intimidated,and the Muslims won
  • Jan 1, 626

    Battle of Khandaq

    The Quraysh got together, various arab tribes, and jewish tribes to try and seize Madina. Forseeing this, the Prophet (PBUH) and his men, got him army to build a trench around the unguarded region of Madina, at the proposal of Salman Al-Farisi. When the Quraysh army arrives, they saw no way of getting into the city. And finally, when a cold wind came, the disbeliever suffered from fatigue and soon dispersed.
  • Battle of Khaybar

    Khaybar is about 80 miles from Madina. It contains 2 Jewish tribes : Banu Nadhir and Banu Qinaqa. Khaybar had 7 fortresses. The Prophet (PBUH) led 1400 Muslims. And in 7 days, they crushed 6 fortresses. And after destroying the last fortress, the Muslims won.