Project Proposal 3rd period class Research

  • We where doing research Type one Diabetes.

  • We pair up in teams with Marisol and Maricela.

  • We talk about if we were OK on are project and what we were going to do.

  • Reaserch 1.1 Type 1 Diabetes {finish the 9/22/2011}

  • Research 1.1 type one diabetes. - research causes an incidence and risk factors

  • Start on 1.2 research type one diabetes medications

    Start on 1.2 research type one diabetes medications
  • Finish research 1.1 type one diabetes.

    Start on research 1.2 type one diabetes on medications.- controlling your blood sugar and medications.
  • Period: to

    type one diabetes research 1.2 medications

  • Research 1.2

  • Talk to a teacher

    Medical teacher told me I can go and ask any information I need it for my project. And she also said, I need to take my team with me.
  • We had been looking for a person that help us with the interview.

  • I up date my time line on which day we were going to interview our teacher.

  • Interviw a professional person that has to deal with are project

    Interviw a professional person that has to deal with are project
    Ms. Johnson, R.N.
    Teacher room number/location: Skills Lab 221 - Office 208
    subject: Medical SITE and GT-ISM
    team name: Senior Team conference time: By appointment
    tutoring time: By appointment
  • We create research 2.1 for the second six week. - the difference between type one and 2 diabetes an your reaction when the doctor diagnoses you with diabetes.

    We finish research 2.1
    We create research 2.2 for the second six week.- anyone can get diabetes it doesn't matter the age or anything. American Diabetes Association
  • research

  • We finish 3.2 research

  • We were still working on are project and finding more information.

  • are dead line to get all the research is going to be DEC1

  • My group decide that it would be something really cool to make a video of interviewing a family member or a friend that has type one and type two diabetes.

  • On the 12/12/2011 we decide that it would be really cool to create some poster about the two types of diabetes.

  • On this day my cousin come to my house and we ask her if can interview her because she has type 1 diabetes and we also ask my mom because she also has type 2 diabetes.

  • On the 12/19/2011 we went to the store and we bought everything we our going to need for our project.

  • 12/25/11I started to work on the poster and putting some information on them

  • 12/30/11Me and my partner we are trying to made some questions to ask the person who we are trying to interview.

  • We ask that person if she was available to ask her some question and to make a video.

  • I made a little bit of more research about type 1 diabetes.

  • 01/10/12I interview my cousin Lola

  • I m just writing my essay about the project how is going to be and what is about and all the stuff that I have been doing.

  • Doing more research about type one diabetes

  • Doing more research over our project

  • Doing and investigation over the different causes

  • More investigation over effects

  • Went to talk to the doctor about Type one diabetes

  • Went to the store to see what kind of things I can I buy

  • Working on over my project to get more investigation

  • Looking for a great web site to get more information about type one diabetes

  • We wrote a research 5.1 over type one diabetes

  • We wrote another research 5.2 over type one diabetes

  • We got together with my group and we talk

  • My group and I we decide that we are not going to do the video any more

  • We went to talk to the girl that was going to help us with the video

  • Getting ideas on how we are going to connect our project together

  • We are talking about who is going to which house to finish the project an connect all the information together.

  • We bought poster green and black

  • We are still putting stuff together

  • We are working on putting stuff together for the project and basically we are just checking everything that has to be done for the project.