Progress of Hero's Project

  • Hero Free Write

    The class was given the topic of heros. We were supposed to write freely about any relatives we considered heros, how the media influences our idea of a hero, what a hero is in our opinion, and our personal definition of a hero.
  • Subway Hero Story

    Mrs. Allen showed the class a video that interviewed a heroic citizen that believes he simply did what was right. The African American man first saved a young man's life while he was on his way to work with his daughters by stopping his seizure. Then he saved him again by covered the young man's body with his own to keep him from being run over by the subway train.
  • Roy Benavidez- War Hero

    We read the first chapter from John McCain's book, Why Courage Matters. This chapter held the heroic story of the war veteran, Roy Benevides, on the day he saved his friends and fellow soldiers in an extremely dangerous situation, nearly costing him his life.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    In class we watched the interview Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Simmons did with a Peace Corps volunteer, Ms. Kristi Quillen. She explained her reasoning behind her choice to join that group as well as what she has been able to take from this experience in her life.
  • Book Search Began

    Being told that we were going to be going to the Cinco Ranch school library the next day I did research as to what books had been published about my persoonal hero. On Henry C. Lee's official web page I found several books in which he had co-wrote.
  • Library Day

    This was the first day that the class went to the Cinco Ranch school library to look up books on our personal heros. Because I had already looked up possible books I was able to decide which one of the few Henry C. Lee had co-written and locate the copy using the school's online system. I checked out the copy of Cracking Cases by Henry C. Lee and Thomas W. O'Nieil on this day.
  • Heros in Literature

    In class we discussed many famous political leaders, musicians, artists, atheletes, and other influential people throughout history and what made them herioc. This was to trigger our ideas on who we would write about for the second blog post.
  • Wrote My "How I Chose My Subject" Paper

    In the afternoon after school I wrote the paragraph explaining why I felt that Henry C. Lee was an appropriate hero for me and why I chose him to do my research project on. My paragraph filled most of the page and I recieved a 100.
  • First Blog Post due: "How I Chose My Subject" Paragraph

    I turned in this paragraph as a post on, turned it in on the Edmodo calender, and printed out a solid copy as well. We handed in the solid copy to Mrs. Allen on this day.
  • D.E.A.R.

    This day was completely for the purpose of reading our hero's autobiography or to look up needed information on them for the research project. I used this day to find several news paper articles on Henry C. Lee.
  • Second Blog Post due: Heros in Literature

    Again I had to post this paper to Posterous, turn it in on Edmodo, and print out a solid copy. We were to write about a childhood hero of ours, a modern day hero that we respected now, and a hero from a book we had read on our own or in an english class and discuss why they were our heroic figures.
  • D.E.A.R.

    Another day used to research our hero or read their autobiography that we checked out from the Cinco Ranch library. I used this day to finish the first section of my book that was about one of Henry C. Lee's most important criminal cases, the Mathison murder case.
  • First Chapter Passages Began

    We were supposed to of found a short passage that stuck out to us as important in out hero's autobiography. I did not read this day, but I listened to what passages other students chose to read about their heros.
  • First Chapter Passages End

    Today I got to read my short passage that expressed a part of Henry C. Lee's book which stuck out to me. This activity gave me a chance to get others interested in who I was researching and gave me a chance to show my class what interests me about my hero.