Filming outdoors whitstable herne bay sittingbourne 1

production schedule

  • first filming

    We are going to pick up the camera on the 29th at 2 o'clock this wil be our first filming date as we dont have the whole day we'll film in our closest location which is shoreditch and bricklane.
  • Filming day 2-Half term

    we are going to film 10:00am old street station to film at shoreditch, bricklane and also spitalsfield as we're not sure if we will be able to film everything we want on the day we pick up the camera. We'll bring he props and costumes which are crop top,jeans, jewellery and phone.
  • Filming day 3

    we are going to meet at 10 to film behind shoreditch station, we will also film at a cafe called ozone cafe. Bernice will be wearing the date clothes to film the couples scenes. we will need props such as a rose, costume shown on timeline. we will also have to bring a guy in.
  • Filming day 4

    On the last day of filming we will meet in shoreditch to do retakes if we didnt like some of the footage. we are going to meet at 10-2pm