production schedule

By shakera
  • Research/ case study

    create 3 case studies
  • treatment

    summary of narrive - how it links to the lyrics
    which music videos inspired you
    castings, actors, locations
  • Focus group pitch

    auidence feedback is importent as changes will need to be made
  • working deadline

  • Pre-production

    From your teacher and audience feedback, you will need to draw up a detailed storyboard
    - risk assessments
    - recces
    - call sheets
    -production team roles
  • Shooting the video

    3 weeks to shoot the video!!
  • Editing

    this will be done mainly outside of lesson and we have 3 weeks to complete this.
  • research and planning the cd cover

    case studies - weds 18th
    pitch your print ideas - 6th jan
  • producing CD digipak and advert

    photography call sheets
    - digipak should a minimun 4 panes
    24 jan 2014
  • post - production focus groups

    evaluate your feedback on the blog.
  • evaluation

  • Editing the evaluation