Production Schedule

  • Planning the project

  • Case studies

    I have come up with two case studies, one being a fashion and music magazine and the other one being a rock magazine. I have researched both magazines and looked into press packs. Looking at the front cover of both I have evalutated the pricing, images and the design of the masthead. I looked further into the magazine and evaluated the contents pages by looking at the layout and the colours used to see the relevants to the magazine. I then looked at articles and evaluated the images and layout.
  • Preliminary task

    I complete my college magazine front cover and contents page in Adobe Photoshop. I uploaded a picture of a student in my class, I was happy with my image therefore I didn't have to crop or change effects on it. I completed the front page with three coverlines that I think are eye catching and according to my research from a peer is relevant to my magazine theme. Using Photoshop has helped me develop further skills in the programme and hopefully I won't have an trouble using it in the future.
  • Audience feedback and evaluation of preliminary task

    My audience gave me good feedback and I have taken it on board and try to apply the tips such as adding in more images, to my music magazine.
  • Magazine newsstand task

    The newsstand that I evaluated was one from Tesco and the music magazines were limited and they're were presetned in at the bottom in the corner.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles and, drafts and layouts

    I have created a possible house style for my magazine and I have included colours could potentially use.
  • Audience research task

    I used a clinet profile to help me decide who my music magaibne is for. Although I have used one person, looking at oher magazines press packs I have chosen to wider my audience not just with age but within the gender section.
  • Photography

    I did my photography in the studio and one outside in by a brick wall. I looked through vibe magazine and this inspired me to use a black backdrop, I think black is better because it allows your model to stand out.
  • Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine

    I tried out two different backgrounds with different feature colours after I had worked out the placement of my magazine.
  • Planning evaluation

    I typed up my questions for my evaluation o microsoft word. I used examples and explained why I did some of the things I did.
  • Creating the evaluation

    I thought about the types of technology I would use to present my evaluation on what I thought suited best and I used 4 different programmes.