Production Schedule

  • Planning the Evaluation (Evaluation)

  • Planning the project: production schedule (Planning)

  • Research/case studies (Planning)

    Have researched Vibe Magazine and NME magazine for case studies.
  • Preliminary Task: LSC magazine (Planning)

    LSC magazine is along it's way.
  • Audience feedback and evaluation-preliminary task/ college magazine (Planning)

    I will write up feedback received from the prelim task
  • Magazine newsstand task/ distribution of magazines (Planning)

    I have learnt the different methods in which magazines are distributed. I will now decided what method I would like my magazine to be distributed.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts (Planning)

  • Audience research task (Planning)

  • Photography (Construction)

  • Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine (Construction)

  • Audience research- main task/music magazine (Planning/Evaluation)

  • Creating the Evaluation (Evaluation)