Production Schedule

  • Planning the Project: Production Schedule (Planning)

    i have completed my production schedule this ghelps me know what to do and when
  • Research/ Case Studies (Planning)

    i have bought a magazine which is XXL i analysed the fr5ont cover, contents page and double page spread
  • Preliminary Task: LSC Magazine (Panning)

    Research school magazines then we had to come up with our own concept and make our own school magazine we had to create a front cover and contents page making it relevant to the school magazine
  • Audience Feedback & Evaluation - Preliminary Task / College Magazine (Planning)

  • Magazine Newsstand Task / Distribution of Magazines

  • Drafting and Finalizing House Styles, Drafts & Layouts (Planning)

  • Audience Reasearch Task (Planning)

  • Photography (Construction)

  • Desktop Publishing and Editing your Music Magazine (Construction)

  • Audience Reasearch - Main Task/ Music Magazine (Planning/Evaluation)

  • Planning the Evaluation (Evaluation)

  • Creating the Evaluation (Evaluation)