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  • our creation

    our creation
    We met in an appartment, but before that, we came across in an audition to enter to a new band.
  • our voices

    our voices
    We all loved the music, and our voices sounded perfect together, so we decided to create ous own music band.
  • The apartment

    The apartment
    Ali and Luis were living in a big apartment, then Anna moved with them because working themes and Carla moved too because she was searching an economic home in Hollywood.
  • our music

    our music
    We started singing covers of famous songs, and we started getting famous about it. Some people was talking about us on the street!
  • Our first tour!

    Our first tour!
    On the 2018 summer, we saw that our covers triunfed, so we decided to make a little tour. We visited California, New York and obviously Hollywood.
  • Period: to

    on the tour!

  • our best actuation

    our best actuation
    In 2019, we decided to make an european tour. The people there loved us, and the France actuation, carried us to the fame. We were everywere! Journals, TV programs...