Personal develpment hypnotherapy

Personal Development Timeline

  • My birth :)

    I was born on this day, 18 years ago.
  • Period: to

    Piaget: Sensor-Motor

    My experiences of the world through actions such as mouthing and touching.
  • Period: to

    Infancy (Erikson)

  • 1st birthday

    I turned 1 on this day.
  • Period: to

    Toddler Jordan

    The toddler years. Where I have a huge gain in cognitive, emotional and social development.
  • Period: to

    Toddlerhood (Erikson)

  • 2nd birthday

    I urned 2 on this day.
  • Period: to

    Piaget: Pre-Operational

    My understanding of things around me, without any logical reasons.
  • Punishment & obedience: Kohlberg

    Punishment & obedience: Kohlberg
    Yeah, I learned that day that the wall is not a giant piece of paper for me to draw on. Woops.
  • 3rd birthday

    I turned 3 on this day.
  • Period: to

    Preschooler (Erikson)

  • 4th birthday

    I turned 4 on this day.
  • 5th birthday

    I turned 5 on this day.
  • Pleasure seeking: Kohlberg

    Pleasure seeking: Kohlberg
    Ive probably done something that falls along these lines, just not sure when so Ill put it here. But I dont really agree with, "Its good to help other people, BUT ONLY because they may one day return favor." To me you help because you actually want to help and when youre not looking for something in return.
  • 6th birthday

    I turned 6 on this day.
  • 7th birthday

    I turned 7 on this day.
  • Period: to

    Piaget: Concrete Operrational

    Starting to be the world and thinkling more logically about it. Lasting memories.
  • Period: to

    Elementary school (Erikson)

  • 8th birthday

    I turned 8 on this day.
  • Approval Seeking/ Good boy nice girl: Kohlberg

    Approval Seeking/ Good boy nice girl: Kohlberg
    Doing the right thing just so that you are seen as a good person? So be as fake a person as possible. How can you be who you are if you are doing that type of fake stuff. I can't remember that far back, but I Hope I didnt do things like that a lot.
  • 9th birthday

    I turned 9 on this day.
  • 10th birthday

    Woop. I turned 10 on this day. Double digits.
  • 11th birthday

    I turned 11 on this day.
  • Law and Order: Kohlberg

    Law and Order: Kohlberg
    Yeah there should defenitly be times where I work to strength the law, and there are times I have. Such as not going on the roof of the school and telling others that there a idots for doing so and getting them to come down. But lets be honest, where would we be in the world if we didnt break the rules and diobey the laws? Hmm?
  • 12th birthday

    I tunred 12 on this day
  • Period: to

    Piaget: Formal Operational

    Grasping whats around and putting the final pieces together. Middle school -> High school -> College -> rest of my life.
  • 13th birthday

    I turned 13 on this day. Teenage years begin.
  • Period: to

    Teenage years

    13-19 years old. The teenage years. The highschool years as well.
  • 14th birthday

    I turned 14 on this day.
  • Social contract legalistic: Kohlberg

    Social contract legalistic: Kohlberg
    This one makes the most sense to me. Its pretty true in my view. Making promises is very important. And to me you do need to keep promises that you make. I do my best to keep them. Its a big way to gain trust in others.
  • 15th birthday

    I turned 15 on this day.
  • Period: to

    Adolescence (Erikson)

  • 16th birthday

    I turned 16 on this day. Apparently that's a big deal.
  • 17th birthday

    I turned 17 on this day
  • Universal Moral Principle: Kohlberg

    Universal Moral Principle: Kohlberg
    I think that it is okay to break the law for something that has to do with ethical principles and hunam life. As long as what you are breaking isnt something like killing another and mass destruction of some sort. That being said, not sure if this falls under this stage, but I have lied to my parents before just so that I wouldnt get in trouble.
  • 18th birthday

    I turned 18 on this day. This wasnt that long ago either. This I can see as a big deal.
  • Period: to

    Young Adulthood (Erikson)

    Intimay vs. Isolation. In college it will be hard for me to leave my friends and the life I had back home, but the thought of a new life makes me feel better about whats ahead.
  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood (Erikson)

    Generativity vs. Stagnation. I have a job and am contributuing to the world in my own way. I will have a family, wife and kids. I will have a purpose because my purpose is to be me.
  • Period: to

    Late adulthood (Erikson)

    Integrity vs. Despair. Looking back on my life, I will be very happy with where I am. I will have accomplished all that I could have ever wanted and then some. I will have an amazing family around me and retirement will be lovely.
  • Kubler - Ross Denial

    The diganosis cant be right. I have much more time to live then that, ill show you.
  • Kuber - Ross Anger

    Why me! Why does this have to happen to me.
  • Kubler - Ross Bargaining

    Please just dont let it get any worse. Please dont take my family, dont let me get depressed.
  • Kubler - Ross Depression

    I might as well die at this point. I dont have anything else in the world. Family is gone, its just me.
  • Kubler - Ross Acceptance

    I may as well accept the fact that death is here and just let it happen at my old age.