My Life

  • Birth

  • My twin was born with me :(

    you know those days when you wish something had never happened, this is one of them, it was fine with toby up until we turned around 6, something happened and he started to rebel against me witch kind of sucks, but hey what happened happened right?
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    My life this far

    My life this far from birth
  • Dog Litter Born

    Dog Litter Born
    Well The title explaines it doesnt it?
  • Almost killed Toby

    On this date i almost killed my twin brother toby. the way i did it was, he and i could for some reason understand each other and decided to goto a room so we crawled to a random room witch turned out to be the washing room, i either opened the door to the washing machine or it was already open and put toby inside closed the door and started pressing random buttons my grandma has told me i was a couple buttons away from pressing the start button.
  • 1st Birthday

  • 2nd Birthday

  • Almost Died twice in one day

    Almost Died twice in one day
    We were at a pool at the mainland and i couldnt swim so i was in a ring (floaty thingy) and swam out then i fell through the ring and my grandpa jumped in and saved my life. about thirty minutes later i went down the frog slider and once again went through the ring luckily enough my mum was down the bottom where i would land and she saved my life
  • 3rd Birthday

  • Went to Australian Zoo

    Went to Australian Zoo
    I went to the Australian Zoo when i was really little so i dont remember it much but i do have this photo which reminds me as much as i want to as well as the thing i dont which is. we went to another place where we haeld a snake and i had to hold the head! which really really sucked
  • On the Wiggles Car!

    On the Wiggles Car!
    We went to a theme park and got to go on the wiggles car! I was so excited when we got on the car and went through the doors then about half way through the ride the dog in the wiggles jump out in front of the car and scared Toby and I
  • 4th Birthday

  • started Hutchins

    This is another day will probabely never forget but probabely wish i could, the first day i started school wasnt a good one everyone ignored me and noone was nice to me, it has taken me many years to get people to like me and sometimes my brother stuffs things up
  • 5th Birthday

  • played my first game of air hockey

    played my first game of air hockey
    Around this date i hadd my first game of ice hockey but because i was small i couldnt reach the top so Toby and i had to stand on chairs
  • 6th Birthday

  • Harry Born

    My little brother Harry was born this day and it is one i will never ever forget i was taken out of the room when he was coming out for obviose reasons and was bored then i got to come into the room harry was amazing i had never seen a new born baby and then i got to hold him! i dont think i will ever forget that day
  • 7th Birthday

  • Birthday Bike Broken

    Birthday Bike Broken
    On my seventh birthday i got a bike and my grandpa decided it would make a good picture if he sat on mine which he did we took a picture and as he was getting of it broke
  • 8th Birthday

  • broke one of bones at school

    I was at school and we were playing on the playground playing chasings when i was about to get caught so i ran under the platform when a kid just jumped of and lander on my shoulder. his bony bottom completely snapped my collor bone in half and is still not fully recovered this day
  • 9th Birthday

  • Best Easter Ever

  • 10th Birthday

  • Found the last egg from the 2010 easter

    Cant Believe we didnt even realise there was another egg that year
  • 11th Birthday

  • 12th Birthday

  • Started Midde School

    this is my first year of middle school its so cool to have a change from the usual junior school!
  • 13th Birthday