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The life of Zean Lander Lorenzo

  • Born day

    This was the day and the first time i felt the true meaning of life...that was me!!
  • First Birthday

    First Birthday
    This was the first year I celebrated my birthday..
  • My little Brother

    My little Brother
    This is the day that God gave to us my little brother
  • My little sister

    My little sister
    This day was born our little princess..
  • First step

    This was the first time I go to school..
  • Mama Dada

    Mama Dada
  • Graduation

    This year I graduated ..I feel blessed this day
  • My mom in Singapore

    My mom in Singapore
    Working hard for us
  • Budol budol fight

    Budol budol fight
    Youth in church...after the mass ..we eat together with the young people of the Aliaga United Methodiat Church..
  • Lupuyup

    Exotic food of Ilocano&Isinay tribe's..
  • Tropa

    First picture with our princess
  • Skyranch..CURIE

  • Tatchos outing again

    Tatchos outing again
    Hahahha laughtrip
  • Mala artista

    Mala artista
    Hahahhaa yeaahh look like Alden Richards you know what is the meaning of Richards...after i loss my energy..I need to Rrcharge..haahhaha
  • Speeh Choir

    Speeh Choir
    What a nice experience??
  • Chill

    Captured by romajane medina
  • Tatay's Birthday

    Tatay's Birthday
    Hmm my best lolo's birthday..Iloveyou tatay&inang...more Birtthday s to come
  • PROM

    My first dance
  • Oily face

    Oily face
    Prom night
  • Pinagbenga Festival, Bagiuo City

    Pinagbenga Festival, Bagiuo City
    Hmm..second time in Bagiuo
  • Chef Lander

    Chef Lander
    Cookery 10
  • Tatcho's outing

    Tatcho's outing
    Birthday celebration
  • Moving up practice

    Moving up practice
  • Moving Up day

    This day i feel nervous..
  • Edralin falls/13 falls

    Edralin falls/13 falls
    Outing with family
  • Explosion box for Hannah

    Explosion box for Hannah
  • Practice

    Practice with 11 Pacioli
  • Sportfest

    Badminton mix doubles
  • Kirara

    This day I met my special someone that she makes me smile always..
  • Ms.Shs Barako

    Third placer
  • Kirara smile

    Kirara smile
    She makes me smile when i see this picture
  • Makati City

    Makati City
    We go to makati have fun..
  • Nasugbu,Batangas

    Summer vacation
  • Tagaytay

    We go here to have fun ..
  • Bestman

    This was the first time ..i joined in wedding of my cousin edmark
  • Spoken word poetry

    Spoken word poetry
    Hmm what a wonderful experience