Story of My Life

  • Birth Date

  • 1st Birthday

  • Started Daycare

    When I was two years old, I started to go to daycare because I obviousaly needed someone to watch me while my parents went to work.
  • Parents Separated

    When I was two years old, my parents were separated. It was something that I could not understand because I was very young. I was only a little kid more like a toddler. I do not remember it affecting that much until I got older and understood the reasons why they got separated. I definitely hit me for a while, but eventually moved on from it.
  • 2nd Birthday

  • 3rd Birthday

  • Preschool

    In the year of 2003, I started preschool at HeadStar in Jasper.
  • 4th Birthday

  • 5th Birthday

  • Day My Little Sister Was Born

    This was the day that my first little sister was born! So happy to have her in my life.
  • Started Kindergarten

  • 6th Birthday

  • 7th Birthday

  • 8th Birthday

  • First Time Going to California

    First Time Going to California
    I was super happy to finally go to California! I got to see my family there. It was such an amazing time.
  • First Communion

    This day was when I had my first communion :)
  • Officially Became an Aunt!

    On this day, my sister Helen had her first son and I was officially an aunt. This day was when Victor Miranda was born.
  • 9th Birthday

  • Day Andrea was born!

    This was the day my othe rlittle sister was born and I finally had two little sisters.
  • 10th Birthday

  • 11th Birthday

  • Started Middle School

  • The Day Diego Was Born

    My little chicken nugget was born on this day, and I was an aunt for two kids. I was definetley happy about that! Especially since I love babies :)
  • 12th Birthday

    On my 12th birthday, I went to chuck e cheese! :) Mostly because my little sisters wanted to go there and our birthdays are very close.
  • Started Track Season

    In sixth grade, I started to do track because I wanted to take over my sister. She did track her middle school years, and I wanted to make her proud so I decided to do it also.
  • Bubba was born!

    This was the day Monica has her first kid and I was becoming an aunt to anothe rlittle nugget! His name is Damien Miranda, and I am so happy to be his aunt! He is so full of energy and happiness!
  • 13th Birthday

    Finally became a teenager!
  • Kidney Infection

    In December, I had a kidney infection and it was awful. The doctor had said that I was very dehydrated and I needed to drink more water. I did not want to eat or drink anything because I was in so much pain. I obviously had to drink water, but it was the worst pain ever. I learned now to keep drinking a lot of water because I really do not want to go through that again.
  • Carlitos was born!

    My little brother Carlos was born this day. He is my first and only brother! :)
  • 14th Birthday

  • Went to Chicago

    Went to Chicago
    I went to Chicago with my family for vacation.
  • First Phone!

    In this year, I got my first phone. This was my very first phone ever! I was so excited and felt like such a big kid! :)
  • 8th Grade Recognition

  • Little Mateo was born!

    And lastely my nephew Mateo was born on this day. The youngest of all my nephews. i love him so much just as much as my other three neohews. I am one lucky aunt! :)
  • Started High School

  • 15th Birthday

  • Day of my Quinceanera

    This was the big day! Where I had my official birthday party of turning 15.
  • My First Job

    I started working at McDonald's, and the first day of school was my first day at McDonald's.
  • 16th Birthday

  • Confirmation

    In the month of January, I had my confirmation and that was a very special day. Very thankful for being officially confirmated to God and church.
  • Student of the Month

    My junior year I got student of the month! :) I was very proud of myself.
  • Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge
    In the month of May when I went to Calfornia, my uncle took my family and I to go see the Golden Gate Bridge. He took us two times! He took us during the day and at night. It was so beautiful at night! I just love city vibes.
  • Went to California

    Went to California
    I went to California after school ended, and went to go see my family. It was amazing! This was my second time going to California and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • 17th Birthday

  • German American

    German American
    In the month of May, I started working at German American.
  • Got Accepted to College!

    Got Accepted to College!
    In the months of November and December I got accpeed to three colleges and those were USI, ISU, and UIndy.
  • Wisdom Teeth

    In the month of May of 2017, I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out and was so painful. Was not fully myslef until two or three weeks later, but so glad to be over with it.
  • Got My Driver's License!

    In the month of July, I had finally got my driver's license. Now that definitely brought me closer to feeling like an adult. even though it took me a while, I was just as excited!
  • First Boyfriend!

    First Boyfriend!
    This was the day that my boyfriend Marco and I started dating, and this is my first official serious relationship :)
  • Senior Year!

    The year I am officially a senior! High school flew by so fast, but I am glad it did even though at the same time it is kind of upsetting because after graduation I will be out in the real world, handling difficult situatuions.
  • 18th Birthday

    Finally an adult! :) Definitely taken in a lot of responsibilities. Never realized how much stuff there is to get taken care of until now.