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Colin Koonts

  • Born at Beaches Baptist Hospital

    Born at Beaches Baptist Hospital
    I was born at Beaches Baptist Hospital. Dr. Rodriguez helped my mom and I.
  • Happy 1st Birhtday!

    Happy 1st Birhtday!
    At my first birthday the theme of my party was construction trucks. The party was in my back yard. From the looks of this picture I enjoyed the cake very much!
  • Camping at Spirit of Sawanee Music Camp Ground

    Camping at Spirit of Sawanee Music Camp Ground
    This was a camping trip me and my family took during Thanksgiving weekend. I made my Indian hat all by myself!
  • Happy 2nd Birthday!

    Happy 2nd Birthday!
    On my second birthday I celabrated with my family, but there wasn't a theam to my party. :-( Just yummy cake!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday!

    Happy 3rd Birthday!
    A couple of days before my 3rd birthday I got a bike from Santa! I got to practice riding it in the house, it was really fun!
  • Jacksonville Boat Show

    Jacksonville Boat Show
    Me and my family went downtown to a Tall Ship Show. This is a picture of my sister Emily and I. We met a real pirate!
  • Happy 4th Birthday!

    Happy 4th Birthday!
    On my 4th birthday I went to Pump It Up with my friends! I also got to have a sleep over with my friend Riley!
  • Happy 5th Birthday!

    Happy 5th Birthday!
    Right after my 5th birthday, I went to my great grandmas 90th birthday party in NJ! I had lots of fun with my cousins.
  • Orlando Family Vacation

    Orlando Family Vacation
    I went to Oorlando for a family vacation. While we were there, we went to Old Town. This is me on the bumper cars!
  • Happy 6th Birthday!

    Happy 6th Birthday!
    Right before my 6th birthday I went to Conners Amazing Farm. I went on a hay ride, I went to a little park, I went in a corn maze and on 2 slides. The first had small bumps, the second was really bumpy.
  • Jekyll Island Weekend Trip

    Jekyll Island Weekend Trip
    My family and I went to Jekyll Island for a weekend. We went to Summer Waves, and we also went on a bike ride. This picture was taken along the ride.
  • Happy 7th Birthday!

    Happy 7th Birthday!
    On my 7th birthday, my family and I went to Rebounderz. On my way, I stopped at the board outside the school to get a picture. I was then attached by a few fire ants. That wasn't fun at all!
  • Fall Soccer 2012

    Fall Soccer 2012
    This is the first season of soccer. I played on a team with Carter Lambert. His dad was our coach. We were called the Little Warriors.
  • Happy 8th Birthday!

    Happy 8th Birthday!
    On my 8th birthday I had a party with my school friends. It was Minecraft theamed. I had 8 friends come to my house and we played lots of Minecraft games.