Significant Events in the School Year

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    This Year

  • Tayla's birthday

    My birthday is going to be awsome!
  • Milli's Birthday

  • Australia Day

    The day that Australia became an independent country
  • Georgia's Birthday

    Georgia (me) was born on this day 1997.
  • Ash Wednesday

    We bury the Hallelujah, and can't say "Hallelujah" until it is dug up at the end of Lent.
  • Ash Wednesday

    We get ash crosses on our foreheads by the teachers and priests.
    Originally Palms were burned on this day.
  • Canberra Camp- day 2

    We started camp on the 23rd. Onthe 24th we went to Electorial Education Centre, Old Parliment Houe, the High Court, and New Parliment house. After dinner we also went to Telstra Tower.
    Camp finishes on the 26th of Feb.
  • Tash's Birthday

    The day to celebrate Tash's birth.
  • Campbell's Birthday

    This day celebrates the birth of me... Campbell
  • Athletics Day

    Have fun, get fit, be a good sport
  • St. Patrick's Day

    In some cultures this day is a feast day in memory of St. Patrick and his life
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    Lent is the time where we prepare for Easter.
  • Gabi's Birthday

    Gabi's birthday on the same day but in 1999.
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    Easter goes from easter thursday the 9th of april to may 31.
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    Easter is a celebration of when Jesus was risen from the dead.
  • ANZAC Day

    Pay respects to the Soldiers who had died to save our country. Austraian New Zealand Army Corps
  • Cross Country

    We went down to Willow Park and ran a 3 km track around the outside of the park!
  • Luke's Birthday

    To Celebrate Luke's Birthday
  • 65 ROSES

    A day to raise money for Cystic Fibrois
  • Emily's Birthday

    The day to celelbrate the birth of a legend.. Emily (Not)
  • Dannys bday

  • Lals bday

  • Science Works

    We went to Sience Works to learn about space.
  • Paigee's Birthday

  • Remembrance day

    we have 1 minute of silence in memory of all the soldiers who fought in World War 1. It is held on November 11 because that is when we signed the treaty to say that the war was ended
  • Arts Festival!

    Some of the classes from some schools got together and made a dance, song, or play up to perform infront of the classes!!
  • Kanga Cricket

    Some of the year 5/6's went to Willow Park to play cricket against different schools! it was a day of fun and it turned out to be a great day!!
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    The coulors of Advent is purple.
    Advent is the four week piriod before Christmas, when the church celebrates the first comming of christ and anticipateshis second comming.
    Advent is the four Sundays preceding Christmas. By : Chelsea , Grace , Bronte & Jadzia.
  • Danny's Birthday

  • Orientation Day

    Orientation Day is when the year sixes go and have a look what year seven will be like at the high school they have chosen to go to! they do some activites and have a look at the classes that they will be in and have a look around the school! The grade 5's get to meet their preps for next year. Everybody also gets to see which class they are in for the next year!!
  • Maddie's Birthday

  • Graduation Day

    Graduation is when the year sixes Graduate from Primary School!!
  • Last day For Year 6's

    The last day for the grade 6's
  • Pool Day

    Pool day is the last day for year sixes and the second last day for year fives. We go to the pool to have a fun last day with the year sixes before they go to high school!
  • Last day For year 5's

    The last day for grade 5's. Milli
  • Christ is born

  • Christmas

    Celebrate the birth of Jesus
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    Christmas is a time of joy where christ was born on this day and a lot of people celebrate it.
  • Boxing Day

  • New years eve

  • New Years Day