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Addison Sharp - Life Event Timeline, 02/23/2015

  • Addison Grace was born

    Addison Grace was born
  • Addison's 1st birthday

    Addison's 1st birthday
  • Addison's 2nd birthday

    Addison's 2nd birthday
  • Morgan Lane was born

    Morgan Lane was born
    My baby sister was born on a Friday. I went to see her at the hospital.
  • Addison's 3rd birthday

    Addison's 3rd birthday
  • Addison's 4th birthday

    Addison's 4th birthday
    I had my 4th birthday at Pump It Up. We bounced all day then we had cupcakes! It was so much FUN!
  • Period: to

    Playing Soccer

    This was my first time playing soccer. I liked getting a trophy at the end of the season. Soccer is my favorite sport and I'm really good at it! I love playing it. It's really really fun. I really enjoy it!
  • Addison's 5th birthday

    Addison's 5th birthday
    On my birthday I had a party at Pottery Works. I painted a princess mirror. I had a really fun time!
  • Trip to New York

    Trip to New York
    This was my first trip to New York with Mommy. We stayed with my Aunt Shannon. We went to see the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, and Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Cruise to the Bahamas

    Cruise to the Bahamas
    This was my first time on a cruise ship. There was a slide on the ship and it was lots of fun and scary. I could have ice cream whenever I wanted. The chocolate was delicious!
  • First day of Kindergarten

    First day of Kindergarten
    It was my first day at Chets Creek. I was really nervous but I knew I would make new friends.
  • Addison's 6th birthday

    Addison's 6th birthday
    For my 6th birthday I had my party at Pottery Works again. This time I painted an ice cream cone box. I even added paint sprinkles.
  • Trip to Washington D.C.

    Trip to Washington D.C.
    This was the first time I went to Washington D.C. We stayed with my Aunt Krista and Uncle Rusty. We went to Mount Vernon where George Washington lives, we saw the White House, and we went to the American Girl Doll store. I had a really fun time!
  • Lost my 1st tooth

    Lost my 1st tooth
    I lost my 1st tooth on Thanskgiving. I went into the bathroom and pulled it all by myself. Mommy didn't know what I was doing. She thought I was using the restroom.
  • Addison's 7th birthday

    Addison's 7th birthday
    We went to Nails So Happy for my 7th party. I got my nails and toes done with all of my friends. After that we went to Chick Fil A for dinner and cake. I had a blast!
  • No training wheels

    No training wheels
    This was the day I started riding my bike with no training wheels. I was REALLY scared. Someone had to help me at first, but then after I practiced I got the hang of it.
  • Period: to

    Swim team

    This was my first summer on the swim team. I did really good in the freestyle and backstroke. The butterfly is not my favorite. It's really fun getting to do all those fancy tricks with your arms and legs. I really enjoy swimming.
  • Flying in plane

    Flying in plane
    My cousin Matthew flew the plane. He is a student pilot at Embry Riddle. At first I was scared, but then I started to have fun. I saw a bald eagle, 5 sea turtles, and 2 dolphins.