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My life and Travels by Hannah Daily Feb 2007 - Feb 2015

  • I was born

    I was born
    I was born in Fredericksburg, VA at Mary Washington hospital. It snowed on the day I was born.
  • Moved to Chicago

    Moved to Chicago
  • 1st Cubs game at Wrigley Field

    1st Cubs game at Wrigley Field
    The Cubs beat the Florida Marlins 9-2. Go Cubs Go.
  • First trip to Alaska

    First trip to Alaska
    It was very cold this trip. I remember the thermometer going below zero.
  • Dedication with Pastor Mark

    Dedication with Pastor Mark
    Community Covenant Church in Eagle River, AK
  • My first Birthday

    My first Birthday
    I had a fun Curious George birthday party. When people started singing I freaked out and cried.
  • My 2nd Birthday

    My 2nd Birthday
    I had a fun Wall-E birthday party.
  • My 3rd Birthday

    My 3rd Birthday
    I had a fun princess birthday party. My friends dressed up as their favorite princess.
  • First Trip to Disney World

    First Trip to Disney World
    This was my first trip to Walt Disney World. I had no idea that someday I would be living just a couple of hours away!
  • Trip to Alaska

    Trip to Alaska
    I visited my grandparents in Alaska. We always have fun when we go to Alaska. I got to fly my grandpa's airplane
  • Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat
    Halloween party at Bethany Lutheran School. I dressed up as Olivia the pig.
  • My 4th Birthday

    My 4th Birthday
    I had a fun party at Little Monkey Business. We ate pizza and chocolate cake.
  • Trip to the Pacific North West

    Trip to the Pacific North West
    I visited lots of cousins in Washington. My family went to Oregon, and we played on the beach and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lambeau Field

    Lambeau Field
    My mom, dad, and I went to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. My mom touched the field, and I tried to do the Lambeau leap.
  • My 5th Birthday

    My 5th Birthday
    I had a gymnastics party. My friends and I learned gymnastics moves.
  • First day of Kindergarten

    First day of Kindergarten
    This was my first day of Kindergarten at Bethany Lutheran School in Naperville, Illinois. I went to this school for 3 year preschool, 4 year preschool, Kindergarten and half of 1st grade.
  • My 6th Birthday

    My 6th Birthday
    I had an American Girl doll party in downtown Chicago. I celebrated with my cousins. We had seats for us and our dolls.
  • Day 1 of 1st Grade

    Day 1 of 1st Grade
    This was my first day of 1st grade at Bethany Lutheran School in Naperville,Illinois.
  • Baptism

    This was the day I was baptized at Compass Church in Naperville, IL.
  • My 7th Birthday

    My 7th Birthday
    I had a fun pool party. We played fun games.
  • Moved to Jacksonville, FL

    Moved to Jacksonville, FL
    I miss the snow but love the beach. I learned to boogie board.
  • Enjoying my new backyard

    Enjoying my new backyard
    This is our new house in Jacksonville. My dog Denali likes the backyard too.
  • Chets Creek 2nd Grade

    Chets Creek 2nd Grade
    Ready to meet Mrs. Lankford and start my first day of public school and my first day of school in Florida.
  • My 8th Birthday

    My 8th Birthday
    I had soothing spa birthday party. We had fun on my trampoline.