Andrew Ramirez and the Story of his Life

  • My birth

    This is the day I was born
  • Period: to

    The years I can't rember

    These are the years when I was only a baby or little boy that I cannnot remember
  • My first birthday

    This was my first birthday
  • My second birthday

    This Birthday was at Chuck E' Cheese and from the video it looks like it was really fun
  • The Scar

    This was the day the where my cousin threw me and I hit a ledge and I had to get stitches. I still have a scar to this day
  • The Earthquake

    This is the day of the famous Northridge earthquake. I dont remember, but it was pretty bad. And it was my dad that took me out.
  • My third birthday

    this was my third birthday
  • Dog Attack

    This is the day my dog bit me and I had the get stiches
  • My fourth Birthday

    this is my fourth birthday
  • My First day of School

    This was the day I started preschool at San Fernando Elementry
  • Period: to

    Elementy at San Fernando

    this was the years I spent at San Fernando elemntary
  • My fifth birthday

    this is my fifth birthday
  • My sister is born

    this is the day my sister Yulema is born
  • My sixth birthday

    this is my sixth birthday
  • I start gaming

    This the day i recieved my first cam console, the nintendo 64
  • My seventh birthday

    this is my seventh birthday
  • My eight birthday

    this is my eight birthday
  • My sister is born

    This is the day my sister Alyssa is born
  • My nineth birthday

    this my nineth birthday
  • I Break my leg

    this is the day I broke my leg while i was camping with my family
  • Period: to

    School at SOCES

    every since I have left San Fernando I have been goin to school at SOCES
  • My brother is born

    this is the day my brother Augi is born
  • I graduate from Elementary

    this is the day i graduated from elementarty
  • My tenth birthday

    my tenth birthday
  • My eleventh birthday

    my eleventh birthday
  • My twelveth birthday

    this is my twelveth birthday
  • Puburity Hits

    This is when puburity hit me and hard
  • I decided to work

    This was when I decided to start a car detailing business with my dad
  • I get a girl girlfriend

    This was the first time i got a girlfriend
  • My thirteenth birthday

    this is my thirteeth birthday
  • I graduate Middle school

    this is the day I graduated middle school
  • I go to Mexico

    This was me and my whole famile traveled to Mexico for two whole weeks
  • My fourteenth birthday

    this is my fourteenth birthday
  • I Get in trouble

    This was the day that I got in trouble for doing drugs at school, in the nineth grade. It really changed my life.
  • My fifthteen birthday

    this is my fifthteen birthday
  • The surgery

    this is the day I had my appendix removed
  • My sixthteenth birthday

    this is my sixthteenth birthday
  • My Seventeenth birthday

    this is my seventeenth birthday
  • The soccer career starts

    This was the day when i started playing soccer and i havent stop since
  • I get my license

    this was the day I got my license