Lakers lazy sunday finals 2009

Joseph's Fabulous Life

  • Joseph Dillon Melendez was born

    Joseph Dillon Melendez was born
    The day Joseph was born was the greatest day of our lives, it was the beginning of our little family. Our first born son brought us such joy! We have so much love for our little boy and we are so proud of the young man he is turning out to be, we love him.
  • Joseph's 1st Birthday

    Joseph's 1st Birthday
    Joseph's 1st birthday was a great day for him and his family. He got to have a cake all by himself and made a big mess all over his face. On Joseph's 1st birthday his Gampa and Gammy gave him his first Harley Davidson motorcyle & Harley Davidson leather jacket. He celebrated his first birthday with Mom, Dad, Gampa, Gammy & Uncle Jeremy.
  • Joseph's 2nd Birthday

    Joseph's 2nd Birthday
    My 2nd birthday was a Toy Story birthday party with all my friends and family. I had a Woody pinata filled with lots of candy and a bouncy house. My 2nd birthday was lots of fun.
  • Joseph's 3rd Birthday

    Joseph's 3rd Birthday
    I had my 3rd birthday at Chuckie Cheese with all my friends and family. My Grandma Marsha came to my birthday party all the way from Texas.
  • First trip to Disneyland

    First trip to Disneyland
    My first trip to Disneyland was fun because I went with my cousins Jazzmine and Hanna. My favorite part of the day was eating cotton candy.
  • Joseph's 4th Birthday

    Joseph's 4th Birthday
    I had alot of fun on my 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheeses with all my friends. My new Leapster was my favorite birthday gift.
  • First Trip to Universal Studios Hollywood

    First Trip to Universal Studios Hollywood
    I went to Universal Studios Hollywood with my Mom, Dad, Aunt Angie, Uncle Carlos and my cousins Nick & Emma. We had a great day and rode lots of rides.
  • Joseph's 1st day of preschool

    Joseph's 1st day of preschool
  • Joseph's 5th Birthday

    Joseph's 5th Birthday
    I had my 5th birthday at chuck E Cheeses with all my friends from school. I was happy that my best friend Gavin came to my party.
  • Joseph graduated preschool

    Joseph graduated preschool
    When I graduated preschool I was really excited to move on to kindergarden. My mom and dad were really happy when I graduated preschool they took lots of pictures.
  • Joseph's 1st Soccer Team

    Joseph's 1st Soccer Team
    My first soccer team was called the Shark Attack, my mom was our coach. I was excited to meet all my teammates.
  • Joseph's 6th Birthday

    Joseph's 6th Birthday
    My 6th birthday was awesome we went to Big Bear, California to the mountains and went snow boarding. My mom and I celebrated our birthday together in Big Bear. All my aunts, uncles and cousins came with us to celebrate.
  • My baby sister Isabella was born

    My baby sister Isabella was born
    When my baby sister was born it was a very big event in my life. I was really happy to meet her and she was really cute.
  • Joseph's 7th Birthday

    Joseph's 7th Birthday
    My 2nd birthday started at home with my mom making my dirty bug & worm cake. We invited over a few friends for cake & gifts. On the weekend I went bowling with all my family and cousins we had cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery.