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Danielle Marie Aliseo

  • birth

    Danielle Marie Aliseo was born in Ft, Lauderdale Florida
  • bell's palsy

    one side of my face was not working, my mother took me to the doctor and I was diagnosed with bell's palsy
  • 1st Birthday

    my first birthday!
  • first words

    starting speaking my first words. cognitive development
  • first steps

    took my first steps! motor skills
  • Michigan!

    Left Florida and moved to Michigan!
  • 2nd Birthday

    my 2nd birthday!
  • first friend

    my sister and I were outside one day and our neighbor, who was a few months older than me, was over our house with her mom, and my sister put green slime in her hair, we were best friends ever since! social development
  • 3rd Birthday

    my 3rd Birthday
  • First day of Kindergarten

    I followed my mom out the door when she left me on the first day of kindergarten. After a while I started to enjoy going but the first day was hard for me!
  • 4th Birthday

    my 4th birthday! I still remember the cake from this birthday! my mom made it and it had a rainbow with teddy bears!
  • 5th Birthday

    my 5th birthday!
  • 6th Birthday

    my 6th birthday
  • 7th birthday

    my 7th Birthday
  • my 8th Birthday

    my 8th birthday and the hype about the year 2000!
  • 9th Birthday

    my 9th birthday
  • soccer

    started a livonia soccer league psychosocial development
  • basketball

    started playing basketball for LJAL psychosocial development
  • 10th Birthday

    I hit double digits!
  • 11th birthday

    my 11th Birthday
  • 12th birthday

    my 12th Birthday! we had an outdoor party at the park across the street from my house! the beginning of my preteen years!
  • Bat Mitzvah

    I had my Bat Mitzvah
  • 13th Birthday

  • 14th Birthday

  • Period: to

    High school years!

    during these 4 years I was in high school! my junior year I was in the school musical with my friends! junior and senior year I was in the pantomime show! I went to football games and homecomings! I had a good 4 years in high school! made good friends and memories!
  • 15th Birthday

  • Sweet 16!

    my sister threw me a surprise sweet 16 party and she invited my crush! She did a great job at keeping it from me because i had absolutely NO idea! definitlely one of my favorite birthdays!
  • 17th Birthday

  • 18th Birthday

  • Period: to


    I was admitted into the hospital with viral meningitis. I was there for 4 days, with an IV. I was released the day before prom night! My best friends were so worried i would miss prom that they were ready to rent out a room somewhere and throw me there own prom if i missed it! I had viral meningitis for 3 weeks and it took two weeks for several different doctors to finally diagnose me correctly. I was in the worst pain of my life for those 3 weeks. But I still made it to my prom and graduation!
  • Prom

    I went to my high school prom with one of my best guy friends as my date! I danced the night away! I will always remember what an amazing time I had and what an amazing way to end my high school career!
  • High school graduation

    I graduated high school!
  • Period: to

    Camp Dearborn

    My best friend invited me to camp dearborn! i had a blast! My friend brooke and a couple others all share a tent! my friend Brookes sister goes with her kids so we always have a lot of fun!
  • Grad party

    we had a graduation party at my house!
  • 19th Birthday

  • Period: to

    Camp Dearborn!

    Went to Camp Dearborn with my best friend again!
  • 20th Birthday

    one year away from 21!
  • Period: to

    Oasis of the seas cruise!

    this was my 5th cruise! we were on the biggest ship on the seas! so many good memories on this trip!
  • Period: to

    Camp Dearborn

    3rd year at camp dearborn!
  • 21st Birthday!!!

    I finally turned 21! We had a big BBQ bash at my house! I consumed quite a bit of alcohol but I drank plenty of water to help balance! I had an amzing time! my mom rented a frozen drink machine!
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    A month after I turned 21, I took a trip with my sister and her friends family to Las Vegas! I had an amazing time! There was so much to do! we stayed at the Excalibur hotel!
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    Camp Dearborn

    4th year at camp dearborn!
  • 22nd Birthday

    I turned 22! we had another BBQ birthday bash at my house with family and friends!
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    Camp Dearborn

    5th year at camp dearborn! We couldnt stay the whole week so we just went for a couple days!
  • Period: to

    2012 family cruise!

    this was my 6th cruise trip!
  • 23rd Birthday!

    I turned 23! and we had another BBQ bash at my house!
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    Camp Dearborn!

    6th year at camp Dearborn!!
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    Family Christmas cruise

    this was my 7th cruise! I absolutley love cruises! we had about 50 people in our group on this cruise! This was by far my favorite cruise trip! I had the most amazing time! the ship was gorgeous! I went to the El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico, which was something I will never forget! I would go there again in a heartbeat! I was in the Bahamas on Christmas day relaxing on the beach! I wish I could go back to this week! I cherish these memories!
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    New York trip

    My cousin recently moved to New York, which I had never been to! I flew there on my own and stayed with him for 5 days! I got to explore Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan! I fell in love with Manhattan! I got to see Les Mis on Broadway! I ate a rainbow bagel with cannoli cream cheese at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn! I had the time of my life! My cousin and I are very much alike and we get each other and we always have so much fun together!
  • 24th Bday bash!

    celebrated my 24th birthday with family and friends!
  • 24th Birthday!

    My 24th Birthday!
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    Camp Dearborn

    My friends are I are spending a few days in Camp Dearborn!
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    Camp Dearborn!

    this will be my 7th year at camp Dearborn! I cannot stay the whole week due to another vacation i am taking in July
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    Family Tennessee Trip!

    we are going to Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort in Gatlinberg Tennessee! I cant wait!!!
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    Family Tennessee vacation!

    We are staying at the Westgate smoky mountain resort all week! we are driving to tennessee!
  • Demi Lovato concert

    My best friend and I are going to see Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas at the Palace of Auburn Hills! Demi Lovato is my idol so I am so excited for this concert! we have floor seats!
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    Las Vegas!

    I am going to Las Vegas with a friend of mine! it will be my second time! we are staying at the Excalibur Hotel!