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My Family (My Mom's side)

  • Jimmy Danford (Grandpa) Birthday

    Jimmy Danford (Grandpa) Birthday
    My grandfather has played a big role in my life. He is a man who has provided for his family and has loved his children and grandchildren beyond measure. He truly is a great man!
  • Ellawayne Danford (Grandmother) Birthday

    Ellawayne Danford (Grandmother) Birthday
    The day one of the greatest women I know was born on this day! My grandmother is a big blessing in my life, and I do not think she will ever know just how much she means to me!
  • Tim Danford (Uncle) Birthday

    Tim Danford (Uncle) Birthday
    One of the best uncles ever! I did not get to see him much when I was younger but over the past few years, I have gotten to know him a lot better, and he truly is an awesome man!
  • Jeff Mooney (Dad) Birthday

    Jeff Mooney (Dad) Birthday
    My dad is a very handy man. He can do a variety of things with a scroll saw. He is very talented.
  • Tony Danford (Uncle) Birthday

    Tony Danford (Uncle) Birthday
    He may come off as quiet, but do not let that fool you! He is a very funny and intelligent man, and I love him!
  • Tammy Danford (Aunt) Birthday

    Tammy Danford (Aunt) Birthday
    Aunt Tammy, is my Uncle Tim's wife. She is truley amazing, and is another woman who inspires me to be greater than I am. She is very encouraging and supportive of my decisions and she pushes me to do my best! Like my Uncle, I did not get a chance to see her that often when I was little, but the past couple of years has made up for it. I would not change it for anything in the world!
  • Danny Lyndall (Uncle) Birthday

    Danny Lyndall (Uncle) Birthday
    Danny is my Aunt Brenda's husband and my cousin Brittany's father.
  • Cheryl Danford (Aunt) Birthday

    Cheryl Danford (Aunt) Birthday
    Aunt Cheryl is married to my Uncle Tony. She is a woman who supports her daughters and loves them like a mother should. She is an awesome woman, and I love her!
  • Brenda Danford Lyndall (Aunt) Birthday

    Brenda Danford Lyndall (Aunt) Birthday
    My aunt is the type of woman, who goes after what she wants in life!
  • Tracy Mooney (Mom) Birthday

    Tracy Mooney (Mom) Birthday
    The day the best mom in the world was born! She is a true inpiration to me. She is one of the strongest women I know!
  • Drew Danford (Cousin) Birthday

    Drew Danford (Cousin) Birthday
    Drew is my Uncle Tim and Aunt Tammy's son. He is the oldest out of all of the cousins, and pretty funny!
  • Jamie Danford (Cousin) Birthday

    Jamie Danford (Cousin) Birthday
    Jamie is married to my cousin Drew.
  • Jessica Miller (Cousin) Birthday

    Jessica Miller (Cousin) Birthday
    Jessie is my Uncle Tony and Aunt Cheryl's daughter
  • Brittany Lyndall (Cousin) Birthday

    Brittany Lyndall (Cousin) Birthday
    Brittany is my cousin by marriage. She is Danny's daughter. My Aunt Brenda's step-daughter and my cousin Blake's step-sister.
  • Blake Gibson (Cousin) Birthday

    Blake Gibson (Cousin) Birthday
    Blake and I were extremely close when we were younger. We talked about everything. We have now gotten older and do not talk about everything anymore, but I know that we will always be there for one another! He is my Aunt Brenda's son.
  • Kasey Marie Mooney (Me) Birthday

    Kasey Marie Mooney (Me) Birthday
    "I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations" -Psalm 89:1 (NIV)
  • Cassandra Danford (Cousin) Birthday

    Cassandra Danford (Cousin) Birthday
    She is better known as Cassie! She is my Uncle Tony and Aunt Cheryl's daughter. We did not get to grow up together, we only saw each other on certain occassions. But once we started college she quickly became one of my best friends. Someone I could talk to. She is a strong young woman who does her best to give back and help those in need.
  • Mary Elizabeth Mooney (Sister) Birthday

    Mary Elizabeth Mooney (Sister) Birthday
    I was blessed to have a little sister born on this day. She goes by Beth. She is one of the reasons I strive to be a better person, so she can have a good role model in her life! She is a very strong-willed young lady, and goes after what she wants! I am blessed to have her in my life.
  • Jacob Wayne Mooney (Brother) Birthday

    Jacob Wayne Mooney (Brother) Birthday
    Jake is the youngest, and he sure does act like it sometimes. But regardless, I love him. He is very strong-willed, and when he wants something he goes after it. I love my little brother!