My timetoast

  • My Birthday

  • Period: to

    Emily's timetoast

  • Grandpa's death

  • First Birthday

  • Went to my first movie in theatres

    The first movie I saw in the theatres was Toy Story
  • Moved out

    This was my first move out of the only home that I lived in. My parents said that I cried when we were moving all of our stuff in to the moving truck
  • First day of pre-school

  • First Day of Kindergarten

  • Disney World

    This was my first out of state vacation with my entire family and it was fun
  • Rushed to hospital

    I was with my family and all of sudden had a seizure and rushed to the local hospital
  • Brain Surgery

    The seizure that happened in July was caused by a brain tumor
  • My First Birthday Party

    It was the first time I had a birthday party with my friends, not just family
  • Started Middle School

    The first day of middle school scared me
  • Nana's 70th Birthday

    All of my family members from my mom's side came to Michigan to celebrate my Nana's 70th birthday and it was a surprise party
  • Got in a major fight with a friend

    Me and my friend at this time got in a fight because she accused me of being too judgemental of others, she was the most judgemental person I've known
  • First Day of High School

    My first day of school scared me even more than middle school
  • My great great uncle passed

  • Got a Driver's Permit

  • Epilepsy

    I was diagnosed that day with epilepsy caused by the previous brain surgery
  • EEG

  • Brain Surgery

    This was the first one of two surgeries that I got to cure the epilepsy
  • Last Seizure

    That day was the last day I have had a seizure so far
  • Second Surgery

    This surgery is the one that cured the epilepsy
  • High School Graduation

  • Loss of a bestfriend

    I lost my best friend this day because she no longer wanted to be freinds with me
  • First Day of College

  • Got driver's license

  • Honeymoon

  • Grandma's 75th Birthday

  • Yearly MRI for the rest of my life

    I alwyas have an MRI around this date of each year
  • Opening of dad's business

  • Possible death of nana

    I hope she doesn't pass anytime soon
  • College Graduation

  • First career after getting a college degree

  • Maybe death of grandma

  • My predicted time of marriage

  • Maybe First child

  • 30th Birthday

  • Hopefully go to Hawaii by the time I'm 30

  • Job Promotion

  • Try to get masters in my major

  • Child's First Day of School

  • 40th Birthday

  • Maybe child's high school graduation

  • 50th Birthday

  • possible death of dad

  • Possible death of mom

  • Career Retirement

  • 60th Birthday

  • Maybe become a grandmother

  • 70th Birthday

  • 80th Birthday

  • My year of death according to the test

    This is the estimated year that I pass away according to the test I took online saying I would live to the age of 90