Nic's Timeline

By nhorne
  • Birth

    Born on the 11th of januray 1997 in ipswich hospital Australia.
  • First birthday

    First birthday
    First birthday ever. Turns out i dont like birthdays whenever people would sing happy birthday i would cry my eyes outsthis lasted until i was about 8.
  • Pepper

    i got pepper when i was very young we grew up together and became very clsoe friends.
  • 2nd birthday

    2nd birthday
    2nd birthday EVER
  • 3rd birthday

    3rd birthday
    3rd birthday
  • 4th birthday

    4th birthday
    4th birthday
  • 5th birthday

    5th birthday
    My filth brthday i was so excited because i could fnally go to school.
  • began prep

    began prep
    This wasmy first year in prep. This is where i met most of my friends that i still have today.
  • 6th birthday

    6th birthday
    6th birthday around this time i stopped caring for birthdays and i would only have a few close family members over and maby a few friends.
  • grade one begins

    grade one begins
    This was my first year of grade one it was much the same as prep apart from we nolonger recieved naptime!
  • 7th birthday

    7th birthday
    7th birthday
  • grade 3

    grade 3
    grade 3
  • 8th birthday

    8th birthday
    8th birthday
  • grade 4

    grade 4
    grade 4
  • 9th birthday

    9th birthday
    9th birthday
  • moved uptograde 5

    moved uptograde 5
    moved up to grade 5
  • 10th birthday

    10th birthday
    10 birthday
  • stay in 5th grade

    stay in 5th grade
    stay in 5th grade
  • pepper dies

    pepper dies
    By the time peppers time had come she was considerably old and she had stayed by my side the entire time. The one time i left her side to go on a little holiday for 3days with my family breast cancer made her very ill and weak. She passed away a few days later peacefuly wth the help of medicine.
  • 11th birthday

    11th birthday
    11th birthday
  • 6th grade

    6th grade
    grade 6
  • 12th birthday

    12th birthday
    12 birthday
  • 7th grade

    7th grade
    7th grade
  • second pet buddy

    second pet buddy
    a while after peppers passing i was looking for another companion and i found buddy.
  • 13th brithday

    13th brithday
    13th birthday
  • grade 8

    grade 8
    First year in highschool felt nervous at first but met a few friends and went on from there. Also started playing football for the school.
  • 14th birthday

    14th birthday
    14th birthday
  • grade 9

    grade 9
    second year in high school grade 9 i was still playing footballfor the school is was how i emt a few of my now friends. After a little bit of football in grade 9 i stopped playing sports untill i found grid iron.
  • started playing grid iron

    started playing grid iron
    After looking for a new sport to play i discovered that there was a cub for grid that me and my mate joined.
  • broke collarbone

    broke collarbone
    I broke my collarbone in a rough training drill for my grid iron club. i could not play for 6 weeks and i missed out on my team finals i was very disapointed.
  • 15th birthday

    15th birthday
    15th birthday
  • grade 10

    grade 10
    grade 10
  • tendon snapped on trampaline

    tendon snapped on trampaline
    I was playing on the trampoline with my brother and sister mucking around with each other. Then when i came down from a jumpon ankle gave way and became swollen to the size of a baseballin seconds it was considerably painful.
  • 16th birthday

    16th birthday
    16th birthday
  • grade 11

    grade 11
    grade 11