My LIfe

By Henbo
  • I'm Born

    I'm Born
    I was born on the 18th of July, 2000 at Calvary Hospital.
  • Period: to

    This is my life so far

  • I'm Baptised

    I'm Baptised
    On the 5th of November I was baptised by Rev. Jolly, at St Georges Anglican Church, Battery Point.
  • First Swimming Lesson

    First Swimming Lesson
    I was only 1 when I had my first swimming lesson with my dad.
  • My First Trip to Coles Bay

    My First Trip to Coles Bay
    As I wasn't even one when this happened I don't know what happened.
  • 1st birthday

    1st birthday
    On my first birthday I celebrated it at my grandmothers house with a cake and all my presents.
  • 2nd birthday

    2nd birthday
    That's me on my new birthday Tricycle, on 18th July, 2002, at Mt Nelson.
  • Sister Born

    On the 26 Feburary, 2003, my sister "Georgina" was born, at Calvary Hospital.
  • Brother James Born

    Brother James Born
    On the 24th September 2003, my brother James was born in Calvary Hospital.
  • Started School at Hutchins

    Started School at Hutchins
    I started school at Hutchins on this day and have been at Hutchins ever since. I was kind of scared and excited at the same time. But at the end of the day I was in a good mood.
  • Period: to

    ELC Life.

    This is the time I was in ELC.
  • 3rd birthday

    3rd birthday
  • 4th birthday

    4th birthday
    On my 4th birthday I had a small party with the family at my Grandmothers house.
  • Brother Charlie Born

    Brother Charlie Born
    On the 23rd of November my brother Charlie was born, in the Calvary Hospital.
  • 6th birthday

    6th birthday
    On my 6th birthday I had my first party at Zone 3, it was awesome!
  • Started Hockey

    Started Hockey
    I started playing hockey in when I was six, I played for the school team and I loved it because it was easy.
  • 7th birthday

    7th birthday
    On my 7th birthday I went to Woodys Skate Center for the first time in my life, I had a really good time after face planting a few times before i even got on my feet for a few seconds.
  • Period: to

    Junior School Life.

    This is the time I spent in the Junior School.
  • My Dog dies

    My Dog dies
    My dog "Dickens" died on the 14th of July 2008, 4 days before my 8th birthday. Everyone was sad especially me, because I had known him since my birth.
  • 8th birthday

    8th birthday
    On my 8th birthday I went to Zone 3 for my second time and it was way more fun than the first time, mainly becaause I was older and understood what was happening more than I did back when I was six.
  • Youngest brother Angus Born

    Youngest brother Angus Born
    On the 5th of December at Calvary Hospital my youngest brother Angus was born. All of the family was happy as it was another boy.
  • Started Junior Shcool

    Started Junior Shcool
    The day I started Junior School I was very nervous about moving up to a higher grade, in a different part of the school. But I soon got over it and made some new friends.
  • Started Club Hockey

    Started Club Hockey
    I started playing club hockey with OHA and have been with the same club ever since then.
  • Horrific Head Injury

    Horrific Head Injury
    The day of this accident I chose to spend my lunch time at the plaground on the flying fox. And as I was on my way from one platform to the other I felt my hands starting to sweat, then my fingers started to slip. Then my head hit the platform. I felt a warm liquid dribbling down the front of my head I suddenly realise what must have hapened and I rush over to the office aware that my head was bleeding. The next thing I knew I was being rushed to a hospital with a bandage around my head.
  • 9th birthday

  • 10th birthday

    10th birthday
    On my 10th birthday I had a party at home with my family, including my Uncle from Melbourne.
  • 11th birthday

  • 12th birthday

    12th birthday
    On my 12th birthday I didn't have a big party, I just had a small family one.
  • Started High School

    Started High School
    On the 4th of Feburary 2013 I started School again but this time I was in High School.