My Timeline

  • Birth

    I was Born, I was born at Beaumont Hospital in Troy at 12:07 Am, in was raining.
  • My 1st Birthday

    I turned 1 years old
  • My 2nd Birthday

    I Turned 2 years old, for my birthday I got a Golden Doodle we would later name Chreger (Chur-e-ger)
  • My 3rd birthday

    I turned 3 yrs old, and Chreger turned 1 year old
  • My 4th Birthday

    I turned 4 years old, and Chreger turned 2 years old
  • Period: to

    Ear Surgery

    My Ear drum collapsed, so I had to get surgery for it
  • My 5th Birthday

    I Turned 5 years old, Chreger turned 3 years old. I started doing karate, And started school that year
  • 1st Day of school

    I went to my first day of preschool
  • Chreger's death

    Chreger sadly died of cancer (I was told)
  • My 6th Birthday

    I turned 6 years old, I got another dog (Golden Retriever) we would later name Molly.
  • Period: to

    1st plane flight to Orlando, Florida

    I went on my first plane flight to Orlando, Florida
  • Period: to

    Went to hospital because I was having seizures

    I began to have seizures so I was taken to the hospital. I was in there for 3 days, they (doctors/nurses) put a lot of pads on me. Mostly on my head and chest. Hurt really bad taking them off since they were basically glued to me.
  • My 7th Birthday

    I turned 7 years old, Got my first gaming console the ps3. I played mainly Transformers War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron
  • Period: to

    My Trinity Lutheran baseball career.

    I started playing in 1st grade and finished in 8th grade. Within that time I played a season without striking/getting out. I hit 30 Homeruns, pitched 1 no hitter/perfect game. I played catcher for most of my time their catching for 441 of my 504 games those 63 games were pitching.
  • Period: to

    My Entire Baseball career till now

    I started playing in 1st grade. Within that time I played a season without striking/getting out. I hit 52 Homeruns, pitched 1 no hitter/perfect game. I played catcher for most of my time their catching for 600 of my 700 games those 100 games were pitching. I plan on playing until my body won't let me play.
  • Molly's 1st Birthday

    Molly turned 1 year old
  • Period: to

    My Dad got pneumonia

    My dad very bad pneumonia, he was in the hospital for 1 month, he was in a room with 2 other people and he was the only one who survived
  • My 8th Birthday

    I turned 8 years old, I had to celebrate my birthday without my dad for the 1st time in my life.
  • Molly's 2nd Birthday

    Molly Turned 2 years old
  • My 9th Birthday

    I turned 9 years old, I started to compete in karate tournaments
  • My First Karate tournament

    I competed in my first ever karate tournament and won
  • Molly's 3rd Birthday

    Molly Turned 3 years old
  • Broke a World Record

    I broke the world record for the most points in a madden game, without getting scored on. I also did it without any modifiers (base/standard settings). (I also broke this world record on accident).
  • My 10th Birthday

    I turned 10 years old
  • My first experience of a total solar eclipse

    This was the first total solar eclipse in over 70+ yrs
  • Molly's Birthday

    Molly turned 4 years
  • Fortnite released

    The Game called Fortnite came out
  • My 11th Birthday

    I turned 11 years old
  • Molly's 5th Birthday

    Molly Turned 5 years old
  • My Grandma's dog's death

    My Grandma's Dog (Patches) died at 12 years old
  • My 12th Birthday

    I Turned 12 years old
  • My Grandma's dog's death

    My Grandma's/Dad's dog (Merlin) died at 8 years old
  • I won my 1st Karate Championship

    I won my 1st Championship and got a belt that says Carson Dybowski State Champion
  • Molly's 6th Birthday

    Molly turned 6 years old
  • My 13th Birthday

    I turned 13 years old and am now a teenager
  • Molly's Death

    Molly died while I was at school, I said goodbye to her thinking I would see her after school, but I didn't get to see her.
  • My Aunt's Death

    My Aunt sadly died from breast cancer at the age of 40
  • My 14th Birthday

    I Turned 14
  • I got 2 new dogs

    I got 2 new Golden retrievers, which were breeders. Their names were Penny and Bailey.
  • My 15th Birthday

    I turned 15, I got a ps5 for my birthday.
  • Currently doing my homework

    Doing my home because its due Thursday @ the end of class (12:07 pm)