Olivia Gayther

  • Seth Thomas Gayther

    Seth Thomas Gayther
    This was the day my brother, Seth, was born.
  • Seth's 1st Birthday

    Seth's 1st Birthday
    This was the day Seth had his first birthday.
  • Seth's 2nd Birthday

    Seth's 2nd Birthday
    Seth turned 2.
  • My Birth!

    My Birth!
    This was the day I was born.
  • Coming Home!

    Coming Home!
    I came home the 24th of May. (4 days after I was born)
  • Baptism

    I was baptised by Pastor Kris Snyder at Grace Lutheran Church.
  • My Grandma's Wedding

    This was the first wedding that I attended.
  • My First Halloween

    My First Halloween
    My first Halloween costume was humpty dumpty. (Not my decision)
  • First Christmas

    First Christmas
    Every Christmas ever since I was born, we have had all of our family over Christmas morning.
  • My First Steps

  • Seth's 3rd Birthday

    Seth's 3rd Birthday
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
  • Abby Sue Pate

    Abby Sue Pate
    Abby is the only cousin I have that is younger than me.
  • First Dance Recital

    First Dance Recital
    I started dance in 2004 and danced for 4 more years after that.
  • Birthday.

    My second birthday.
  • Period: to


    We got a new camper in May of 2005 and and went camping with our good friends at least 2 times a month that summer.
  • Parker James Gayther

    Parker James Gayther
    My brother, Parker was the 3rd born in our family after Seth and me.
  • Birthday.

    My 3rd birthday.
  • Birthday.

    My 4th birthday.
  • Kindergarden

    I started kindergarten with one of my really good friends Kelsey Kinne.
  • Birthday.

    My 5th birthday.
  • Grant Lewis Gayther

    Grant Lewis Gayther
    Grant is the last kid in our family.
  • Birthday.

    My 6th birthday.
  • Period: to


    This was the first time my family and I went to Florida together. We went with our grandparents and went to the beach and Disney World.
  • Birthday.

    My 7th birthday.
  • The Start of My Tumbling Career

    The Start of My Tumbling Career
    This was the date of my first tumbling class that I took. Once I took the class, I knew this was a sport I would suceed in.
  • Birthday

    My 8th birthday.
  • Annika

    I met one of my best friends Annika during the summer of 2011. She lives in Chicago so we only get to visit over Christmas break and over the summer.
  • Birthday.

    My 9th birthday.
  • Shell Langenbau

    Shell Langenbau
    Shell was one of our very good friends and a very good neighbor. She died in a helicopter accident and has been remebered by our family daily since she had such a big impact on our lives.
  • Birthday.

    My 10th birthday.
  • Packing Food For The Salvation Army

    Packing Food For The Salvation Army
    My mom, my brother, and I packed enough food to feed 60 children to have one meal for 1 year.
  • Taylor Swift Concert

    Taylor Swift Concert
    I went to a Taylor Swoft concert with my neighbors and my really good friend Isabel. We had been planning on going to this concert since Shell was alive, but since she died, we went as a memorial.
  • Period: to

    Florida (Again)

    This was the second time we went to Florida. We were invited by our neighbors and their family to go on a memorial trip for Shell.
  • First Tumbling Competition.

    First Tumbling Competition.
    This was the first time I tumbled competetively in my whole career.
  • My First Singing Experience

    My First Singing Experience
    This was the first time I sang a solo in front of my church. Before that I was in my church choir.
  • My Uncle Tom and I After the First Day of State.

    My Uncle Tom and I After the First Day of State.
    My uncle Tom was in a motorcycle accident causing him to have major neurological dificiencies.
  • State Champion

    State Champion
    I won State Champion 2014 on the double mini trampoline.
  • Birthday.

    My 11th birthday.

    I have had braces for almost 2 years now.
  • Period: to

    Branson, Missouri

    We took a trip to Branson with our cousins and grandma.
  • Rocky Ridge Farm

    Rocky Ridge Farm
    My dad and I went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Rocky Ridge Farm while we were on our trip to Branson (Rocky Ridge is in Missouri)
  • First Competition of Winning Streak

    First Competition of Winning Streak
    I went on a five competition winning streak on the double mini trampoline, and this was the starting competition to the streak.
  • Grant's 6th Birthday

    Grant's 6th Birthday
    This was Grant's latest birthday.
  • Moving.

    We moved to Forest City for more family and sports oportunities.
  • Birthday.

    My 12th birthday.
  • Softball

    Well.. Yeah.
  • The Price is Right

    The Price is Right
    My family went to a "The Price is Right" Live show on our trip to Branson.